Guide To Wearing A Leather Jacket In Summers

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Leather Jackets are outfits people have loved since centuries and have proven to be evergreen because of their look that never fades and is forever lasting. Because of that, they tend to be expensive and you have to spend a good amount of money when you want to buy a good leather jacket. They make you look good and protect you throughout the chilly cold winters ensuring you of maximum warmth and comfort. However, the problem arises when the summer comes in full swing and you are no longer able to flaunt those classic leather pieces because you feel like you might feel hot and they won’t suit. For example, since black absorbs heat, people tend to strictly keep aside their Black Leather Jacket in summer which otherwise are the most trendy and gorgeous ones of all. We do realize how heartbreaking it is to keep those beautiful leather attires back in the closet for so many months of summer and therefore we are here with a full-fledged complete guide for you all on how you can use those amazing leather jackets in summer as well and give yourself a unique and contemporary look. 


The material of an outwear is basically what makes us decide its suitability for different weather conditions. Hence, it is extremely important for you to check for the material of your leather jacket while buying it if you want to wear it both in winters and in summers. Leathers are of different thickness and we suggest you opt for those which have a medium-thick layer that works for any weather. Moreover, some pieces have thick and insulating internal linings while some also have more breathable and thin ones. You should get the jacket with a thin lining and a little bit of a thick leather fabric so that it doesn’t hurt when you wear it in summers and it also keeps you protected when you opt for it in winters. 


There is no doubt that black is a beautiful color and is also irresistibly gorgeous. But sadly and unfortunately it absorbs heat due to which it is advised not to wear black no matter the material under the sun if you don’t want to feel hot and suffocating. Leather jackets are of thousands of colors such as white as well. You should opt for lighter shades of colors such as white, light and refreshing blue, light green, light yellow, light brown and grayish which will basically repel away the heat from the sun and will look drop dead stylish when you will flaunt them in summers. 


When we talk about making it cool, we are definitely not talking about a cool style statement because our emphasis is basically on helping you not suffocate and enjoy the leather piece in hot summers while you are also feeling cool, literally. For that, it is important that you act sane after you have bought a thin-lined thin layered leather jacket. Avoid closing the frontages and try keeping them open to allow the air for ventilation. Moreover, you can also get for yourself leather conditioning products that are easily available in the markets and keep your jacket hydrated when it can potentially dry out and heat up under the sun. In this way, it is more likely that you will be able to use your leather jacket in the best possible way without being uncomfortable in it even if it is terribly hot. 


Another most important thing to bear the leather jacket in summers is to complement it with as lightweight clothes as you can. Don’t overdo and avoid wearing a heavy shirt or heavy pants when you are opting for a leather jacket which is itself quite heavy no matter how thin the layer of the leather be. Go for a thin and sleeveless tank top or shirts with half sleeves if you are planning to have a leather jacket over it so that you are not overburdened with clothes and start feeling hot in no time. Instead of going for pants, you can also wear shorts, skirts and Capri and you can also get sleeveless Leather Jackets if having sleeves make it hot for you to bear in summers. 


Lastly but definitely not the least, if a celebrity does something it automatically becomes a trend and why not, because if they are able to do it, a normal human being can also do it because celebrities are definitely no aliens. If you see some celebrities going for leather ensembles in summers and you find it stylish, you are not wrong and should go on to research about what materials were used to design their clothes so that you are able to get a similar one for yourself as well. For instance, you can get the much talked about Captain America Jacket for yourself in winters as it matches all the above-mentioned standards. 

In conclusion, there is no hard and fast rule that you can only wear leather in winters and it would look odd if you go for wearing leather jackets or coats in summers. It is all about how you style yourself and if you are comfortable enough in what you are wearing because if you are comfortable, you are able to flaunt it with supreme confidence and that definitely makes it look cool, classy and ultimately voguish. 

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