How to get rid of a blind pimple

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Removing blind pimples or minimizing the effects on our skin will help us look much better, with a few simple tips we will avoid the main consequences and effects of these pimples.

The blind pimples are one of the major dermatological problems. The acne can get complicated or sprout in some parts of our body uncontrollably. Papules are very painful inflammations; these are the blind pimples that have no way of going outside.

Contrary to typical pimples that have an exit hole through which there is the possibility of reducing inflammation and eliminating that blind pus or fat that accumulates, these pimples are more complicated to treat. Wanting to remove blind pimple and not being able to, or fear that a scar may be left is a problem that will have an easy solution, following these steps. Take note of what you must do to remove blind pimples.

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Steps to remove internal pimples

  1. With the blind pimples, we must take into account some imprudence; we must not press them excessively. Instead of reducing inflammation, we will be increasing it. Excessive sebum production that accumulates can cause further blockage. If we see that this occurs, it is advisable to consult a health professional.
  2. Cleaning the affected area well should be a priority. Daily hygiene will prevent infections and help to undo these dermatological discomforts. When touching our faces with our hands, they should be as clean as possible. If the affected area is in permanent contact with hair, we will try to keep it as far away as possible because it is a focus of recurrent infection.
  3. Using a specific acne cream and applying it to the blind pimple is an essential way to get your inflammation down much earlier or prevent it from getting out of control. The papules have a size proportional to the level of sebum that can accumulate; this fact will be one of the causes of your problems.
  4. Apply a cloth soaked in hot water. This element helps to lower inflammation. Carefully pressing down on the pimple with this sterile gauze will make it lose some of its swellings and help the internal pus to come out as soon as possible.
  5. Pre-exfoliation is one of the best measures to avoid the appearance and minimize the effects of blind pimples. Removing dead cells from our skin is something that we must do at least a couple of days a week. Making a homemade scrub is a quick and easy solution.
  6. Homemade acne masks are an effective solution to avoid the most serious episodes of this condition. With the help of a series of natural materials, we are going to make our own masks. With this preventive measure, we will minimize its effects, and we will get much better skin.
women pimple

Take note of each of these steps and start taking care of your skin a little more, avoiding scars and problems caused by blind pimples. If blind pimples occur repeatedly or are particularly inflamed and painful, you must seek guidance from a dermatologist.

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