Top Most Expensive Hotels Of India To Enjoy And Stay Your Holidays


The thought that comes to mind before going on a trip is where I will stay. In addition, most of the people, just think of hotels as a place to stay but now there are many options that many may not know about. You have to understand what facilities you want, and then you have to find out where to stay. We all know what a hotel is. The hotel is actually the best place for Luxury Tours. If you have a friend with you or a partner, the hotel is affordable for both of you. However, it is expensive for you if you think to stay alone in a hotel.

Whenever you want to stay in a hotel, you should stay in a good hotel, Minimum Three Star, where the Better Feature will offer. Such as Breakfast, good balcony view, good washroom, free toiletries, comfortable bed, Better room service. In India, besides the three stars hotels one can find five or seven-star hotels also. There are many expensive hotels in India you may see. The most expensive hotels of India will provide the best facilities to you and your family.

Some Of The Expensive Hotels Near You 

India is a large country where one can find the royal palaces and luxuries hotels to spend some quality of time with family or friends. If you are very fond of traveling then you will not feel any problem to pay for luxuries hotels to get the best services. From those hotels, you will able to receive lifelong memories. 

Let us see few most expensive hotels in India and its facilities. 

1. The Oberoi Udai Vilas In Udaipur: 

This luxuries hotel builds in 30 acres in the bank of Lake Pichola. The awesome architecture, landscaped gardens and mesmerizing backdrop will give you a relaxing free mind from our daily life. Almost 190 years ago, this hotel created. Each of the room has traditional wooden carved furniture, modern facilities and the interior design of the room will amaze you. The hotel also offers a boat ride, fitness centre, private pool and terrace for you.

2. Kumarakom Lake Resort In Kerala:

This resort wins many awards. The hotel offers a beautiful swimming pool, water activities, spa treatment, sunset boat ride and the village’s walks and many cultural programs for you. There you can find the indoor games, water sports, free wifi, well-stocked bar also within the village. The pleasant view of the outside of the hotel will help you to remember all its experiences for lifelong.

3. Grand Hotel In Kolkata:

It is one of the oldest hotels in India. Within the hotel, one can get all the best services and features. All the rooms of this hotel have flat-screen television, electronic safe, bar, wifi connection and ensuite bathrooms. The grand hotel also offers the free parking zone for the entire guest. 

4. Taj Mahal Palace and Tower, In Mumbai:

In the year, 1902 this hotel was built in the Mumbai on 2.6 acres of area. The beautifully and well design of the rooms and outside of the room will give the best viewing scene. The sophisticated service and the architecture of the building and its arts will mesmerize you.


Therefore, I provide some of the most expensive hotels where you can enjoy your holidays with your friends and family.

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