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Looking to buy cute stationery to use around your home or office? There are several websites specifically for that. They are also more than just your standard online office-supply stores. These websites are devoted to cute stationery — with cute stationery news, reviews, and links to online retailers. Here are some of the best websites to buy cute stationery online.

Cute Stationery

As the name implies — this site is all about cute stationery. This blog displays images of pens, paper, pencils, stickers, and more. Some of the content is user-submitted, but the main feature of this site is high-quality pictures of cute stationery items. For example, a collection of fruit slice-shaped pencil sharpeners was featured in a recent post.

The blog is updated at a rate of around thirty posts a year, and there are usually plenty of new items to see. Under each picture, there are links to sites like Etsy to go to buy specific items. Yes, you could always search for office supplies and stationery on outside sites. But here, the problem of looking for specifically cute stationery is narrowed down quite a bit. You won’t find a better curated collection of cute notebooks or key chains, and there are direct links underneath the pictures to buy them right away.

So whether you are looking to round out your collection of cat stickers or cute pens — or just looking to see the newest items to buy — Cute Stationery is a good place to start.


Yoobi is a school and office supply store that specializes in cute stationery items for children. Cute mini-stickers and a unicorn pencil organizer are among the many products that are suitable for kids, and there are also several do-it-yourself projects featured on their blog. Take a look at these tissue box monsters and homemade spring decorations. Adorable!

Adults can find their share of cute stationery items as well. This college-ruled unicorn composition notebook looks good enough to use in your home office, and this polar bear pen looks suitable for a casual office environment. And who can really resist these ice cream erasers? All of these items are ready to be shipped from Yoobi’s online store. So for cute kid-friendly stationery, crafts, and office supplies, Yoobi is the place to go.

New Forest Stationers – Blogging in the New Forest

This is the blog for the UK-based New Forest Stationers online store. There are quite a few cute stationery items here, some for children and some for adults. For kids, there are these Maped Helix pencil sharpeners and these animal-themed scissors. These items would be great for a stay-at-home school or rainy day project idea.

For adults, these emoji binder clips and colorful notebooks are suitable cute stationery items for the casual office. In addition, there are also well-designed pencil cases and general office supplies. In short, New Forest Stationers is great for some cute stationery — you just have to look around.


JetPens is both a blog and an online store that revolves around fountain pens, pencils, markers, and other writing implements. However, the shop has a wide variety of office supplies — some of which are very cute indeed. These panda stickers would be a wonderful addition to the headers of your Totoro journal. And these animal and miniature Mount Fuji erasers are equally adorable.

Or maybe a set of bento box erasers or Jet Pen stickers is what your desk or casual office needs. The bottom line is, there are plenty of cute stationery options to buy at JetPens — you just have to keep your eyes, and chicken wallet, open.


Last, but certainly not least, is TraciiRae’s. TraciiRae’s is a custom online stationery store that has several cute items for casual home and office use. Some of its specialties include Art Deco boxes and sticker sets. Take a look at these baking and mail planner stickers for your notebooks. Too cute!

Other cute items include things like sloth die-cut bookmarks and these animal-themed Deco boxes. With a large variety of designs for all your office and scrap-booking needs, TraciiRae’s provides a ton of stationery options that are quaint, charming, and of course, cute.


If you want to wholesale stationery online, Nihaojewelry is a good choice. The origin of the product is from China. Compared to retail stores, prices are lower, products are more abundant, and quality is relatively high. Although it says wholesale, the shop has no MOQ, so individuals are also suitable for purchase.

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