The Top Mistakes to Avoid When Developing a Mobile App


Developing an application that runs successfully on million of devices around the globe, takes in a lot of efforts and work. The pressure to develop a high quality application becomes all the more important when you are planning to launch in a competitive market like Australia. 

While the development of a quality digital product is the least of your concerns when you partner with the best iOS app development company Australia. The problem comes when you decide to play solo and decide to create your application in-house. 

In this article, we are going into the mistakes that you should avoid at all costs when developing a mobile app. 

Without further ado, let’s start. 

Not thinking of the user persona 

The number one mistake that people make when developing an app is not thinking of the user persona. It is extremely to know whom you are developing the application for – where do they reside, how old are they, the problems they are looking to solve through the app, how willing are they to pay for an application, which other apps are they active on, etc. 

Only when you know whom you are making the app for, you will be able to devise an app that they would use. 

Not following the platform’s standard

Both Apple and Google come with their respective guidelines and policies. Everything from the design to integration rules, and the testing approach has been documented by both the brands. Something that a skilled Android app development company in Australia or their iPhone counterpart would know.

Not incorporating all the testing types

There are multiple testing approaches that a mobile app development company follows. They can range anywhere between Manual to Automated or a combination of both. Even between both, there are a number of different testing approaches that you would have to choose from. 

Ideally, in a time when a lot of businesses are suffering from the ill-effects of hacking and security breaches, not testing your application enough can be a very bad idea for your business’s future. 

Not keeping all your stakeholders in loop

When you develop an application, you create it for multiple stakeholders – the people who would use your application. Keeping them in loop when you are finalizing a design or testing a functionality can be a great way to ensure that they are already in awe of your app before it is published in the stores. 

Using disruptive technologies for the sake of it

There are a number of innovative technologies active in the market today – AI, Blockchain, AR/VR, etc. Now, although they are individually showcasing several promising use cases in the market, it can be unwise to incorporate these solutions in your app just to be in. 

These technologies will take some time to establish themselves in the market. So, until you are sure of their use case in your process, avoid using them.

Apart from these common mistakes, there are other things as well that can hurt your chances at developing quality applications, such as – not paying attention to ASO, un-strategized app marketing efforts, etc. 

What we recommend is that until you have an in-house team that has a history of developing quality digital solutions, partner with a mobile app development agency that knows that industry’s ins and outs. 

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