Ways to know if she doesn’t Love You Anymore and has Lost Interest


Love and kindness are chucks, not amenities. Without them, humanity cannot survive. Love is a bridge that fills the gaps between two pillars and strengthens it. What do you think? Does love at first sight really exist? Yet we can’t determine that love can happen at first sight, but it might be just affection towards your crush. You can’t force your opposite gender to fall in love with you. If you have illogical feeling towards your relationship, it might be that you are responsible for it. Sometimes there can be any uncertainty that you have noticed like your girlfriend is very cold and reserved recently or she has lost interest in you. Are these signs or symptoms a red signal for your relationship? Are you stuck to this puzzling relationship and want to solve it? Then there are many symptoms or signs of your girlfriend that can help you to seek out from these puzzle relationships.

Follow these signs to find out if she doesn’t love you anymore. It helps you to know the truth before your relationship is coming to an end.

She is busy and gives less time to you than before

Everyone is busy in their daily routine but that does not mean we could not give our time to our loved ones, especially to our partner. If your girlfriend suddenly shows that she became too busy with her friends or she prefers to go out with her friends instead of you or whenever you invite her for dinner or even feast she always gets an excuse about meeting her friends and how they have planned it days before you asked. These all are a big sign that she is no more interested in you. 

Small things become irritating to her

Can you still recall the time when you used to discuss each and every matter with her! But now a very silly matter becomes annoying to her. If you notice that your girlfriend is avoiding talking with you on every small matter and she has many complaints to you, then this is the point to note that you have become irritating to her. 

Less Physical Contact

Some girls are very conformist about her relationship and don’t like to show it publicly. But some girls want the world to know that you’re together and she owns. If your girlfriend is that type who wants to share her relationship publically but now she avoids showing and she becomes twitchy when you attempt to hold her hand as you walk home. She even finds a quick peck very unfortunate. You’re quite astounded how she became so conventional, then it can be a red sign that your relationship is in danger. Second big sign to know if she doesn’t love you anymore is that she has lost attention and interest in being physical to you and you’re the only one initiating it. Even she doesn’t like to be touched as she did before. Only you are the one who tries to be intimate with her but she is avoiding by giving some silly excuses.

Less Communication to You

Well, girls are very famous for chatting or being very talkative with everyone, especially her boyfriend. If your girlfriend always used to talk to you the entire night or the entire day but suddenly she avoids talking with you or very fewer calls and texts come from her side, then this is a red signal for your relationship. And this is an indication for you to note down all these bad symptoms for your relationship. Yet, Silence is golden to her when she feels no need to talk to you. A day would go by and you won’t hear anything from her. Even on a weekend, she can let a day pass without saying a word to you. She’s always busy with her mobile and laptop.

If you are noticing any of the above signs from your girlfriend, then you should sit with her and have a talk on these things to sort out if there is an issue, and know the reason that why she is now losing interest. Maybe, it can be worked out. 

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