How To Measure Putter Length


The old saying, “Drive for show, putt for dough” is true on so many levels in golf. After all, hitting the ball a mile means nothing if you cannot find the hole with the flat stick on the green.  When it comes to club fitting, however, the putter is one of the most overlooked clubs in the bag.   A putter that is properly fitted for length will guide setup, provide a more consistent feel, speed and stroke needed to sink more putts.

When buying putters, you notice they come in various lengths and if you have more than one putter at home, chances are they are not the same length. First you need the right equipment and methods to achieve the proper length. 

First you will need a straight edge that measures at least four feet in length. A tape measure generally is that long but measuring is more inexact. Imperative is the use of a flat, hard, level surface.

Measuring a putter isn’t as straightforward as measuring another club in the bag due to the fact that shafts are not always into the heel of the putter head. Take the following steps to measure the putter.

Don’t measure according to your stance, whether that is toe down or toe up. Keep the middle of the putter head flat on the ground. Next you are ready to use your straight edge measuring stick by putting at the center of the putter, close to the shaft and top of the grip. Record the value at the top of the putter and you have your length. 

It’s great to know the length of your putter, which will generally range from 2.5 to 4.5 feet (32 to 52 inches).  However, how do you know the length is correct for you game? Take note of these key pointers to determine if your putter is best suited for you.

Now that you know how to measure a putter properly you can make some decisions about the next steps. Are you looking to purchase a new putter that fits you properly? Putter length will directly affect consistency in speed and distance control. Here are the most important things to remember when determining if a Putter length is correct for your game.

The two primary factors are your height and your stance.  You will notice that most putters bought in a pro shop or sporting goods store will be around three feet Iength or just shy of it. Surprisingly, the average length of putters used by male tour pros is 2.5 inches shy of three feet.  

With the tour average putter length less than what you buy in the store, you’d think the players are below average in height. That is not the case and is where the stance factor comes into play in a huge way.  Tour players know how vital it is to getting their eyes over the ball while putter.

Ideally when standing over a putt and drop a ball from between your eyes, it should land on your ball you are putting. If so, your eyes are directly over the ball which ensures a better line and theoretically better swipe at the ball. The results should be more putts drained.  The position should be obtained without having to hold onto the shaft of the putter or an extreme bent over position. Either case indicates the wrong putter length.

You can see that measuring a putter isn’t a tough process, so long you have a long straight edge and flat, preferably hard surface.  Then proceed to find one the proper length or have one custom fit.  You are now all set to go with your new putter and ready to start making more putts, lowering your scores. For those that strictly enjoy putting, you can sharpen your skills to use with Putterball for hours of fun with friends and family.

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