Prospects & Career Options after completing Distance MBA in Branding & Advertising

MBA in Branding & Advertising

Distance MBA has a growing prominence among students across the globe today. The reason behind this is the contrast in job placements, employment value, and superior skill set of MBA graduates compared to non-MBA graduates. An MBA degree is offered in various disciplines like Finance, Marketing, Operations, etc. but here we are going to discuss the prospects and career options after completing distance MBA in Branding and Advertising. But first, let’s talk about basics:

How is a distance MBA different from a regular MBA?

As you must know, a distance MBA does not require you to attend an institution and take class lectures. Rather, assignments and study materials are provided to you at your convenience. Although there is no difference in the syllabi of a distance MBA and a regular one, students are deprived of infrastructural assets and real-life campus experience. So do these things affect your career prospects?

Well, everything has its pros and cons. A distance MBA might lack industry exposure, but at the same time, it is extremely beneficial for students looking to earn while they learn to improve both their practical and theoretical applications.

Branding & Advertising

Distance MBA in Branding and Advertising is a specialized course in brand management to equip you with substantial knowledge in the field. Branding and Advertising offer great career options in both national and international conglomerates.

An MBA in Branding and Advertising teaches you the four basic pillars of management, which in turn help in brand management and development. Product, Marketing, Sales, and Growth are the founding pillars of management, and a distance MBA course helps you learn how to make your brand synonymous with the product. Like toothpaste is often just referred to as Colgate.

The key aim of the brand management course is to give students a basic understanding of how brands should be designed, evaluated, and controlled. The course offers knowledge of brand strategy concepts, industry research, business dynamics analysis, customer performance, brand development, brand launch, USP (single brand sales proposals), brand advertising, brand delivery, and brand marketing and labelling.

Job Prospects

Employment prospects are accessible in respectable sectors such as pharmaceuticals, tech firms, newspapers and media, leisure, or movies, FMCGs, etc. The businesses engaged in delivering financial services, such as banks, often hire seasoned brand managers in the insurance business. Candidates with marketing and business experience can work for in-house marketing departments such as public sector bodies, charities, and consultancy management. Although the opportunities for self-employment in this field are limited, experienced people can set up their own consultancies or specialist agency.

Professionals work as Marketing Analyst, Assistant Brand Manager, Brand Manager, Marketing Director, etc.

Career Options in Branding & Advertising

The marketing sector has opened many doors to high employment opportunities, and, as anticipated, it will only increase in emerging markets with the intense global and domestic competition. In multivariate job profiles, they get to explore cross-functional experiences. The market of brand marketing practitioners is expected not only in food and services firms in India but also in foreign organizations. Top brands like Nestle, Ranbaxy, Reckitt Benckiser, and Aviva Life Insurance offer career prospects outside of India.

Several students after completing a distance MBA begin their career as part of a company’s sales team or marketing team. Many organizations appoint such professionals under the guidance of senior management as Communications Consultants or Sales Agents or Junior/Assistant Brand Managers. Competent candidates are promoted to Assistant Brand Manager/Product Manager and finally to the Brand Manager/Senior Brand Manager/Brand Development Manager and Marketing Director after gaining 2-3 years of experience. Such employees’ roles differ according to their jobs.

Pay Scale after Distance MBA in Branding & Advertising

Brand management professionals can acquire jobs in various positions and companies. Its packages may vary accordingly. A fresher can receive from Rs. 15000 per month to Rs. 30000 per month on a wide basis.

Job ProfileAverage Salary Package (Tentative)
Marketing AnalystRs 347,676/-
Assistant Brand ManagerRs. 599,198/-
Brand ManagerRs. 775,097/-
Marketing ManagerRs. 631,156/-
Marketing DirectorRs. 2,488,711/-

Source: Payscale


Below is the list of companies hunting fresh Distance MBA Branding and Advertising graduates:

  1. Vodafone
  2. Coca-Cola India
  3. Wipro
  4. Bharti Airtel
  5. Tata Motors
  6. Sony India
  7. Kotak
  8. Hindustan Unilever
  9. Bajaj
  10. Samsung Electronics
  11. Cadbury
  12. Birla Group
  13. Hero MotoCorp
  14. PepsiCo
  15. Godrej India
  16. Nokia
  17. ITC
  18. Reckitt Benckiser
  19. Maruti Udyog
  20. Tata Teleservices

For a Brand Manager, the secret to success is strategic thinking, and being constantly on the toes.  Professionals with extensive branding and brand management knowledge have greater chances of acquiring national and international exposure in this area.

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