20 Creative Decking Ideas for Your Yard That Inspire Alfresco Living

20 Creative Decking Ideas for Your Yard That Inspire Alfresco Living

Whether you want a new flooring material with a full-on overhaul, a covering around your pool, or just want to give a new look according to the season – there are a lot of things which you can do with your deck. The below 20 designs will provide you with an abundance of outdoor décor ideas to help you get started. 

Idea 1: Prep it for dinner

Optimise it for your dinner and decorate with some outdoor lighting. Add one bar trolley with some stackable metal chairs and a spacious wood table to give a classic look. 

Idea 2: Add sunshade and an area rug

As the decks are made with wooden material, it will give you feeling of cold and bare. To warm up the place, consider adding an area rug and one daybed with an ethereal canopy on the top. You can also add some palm trees to set the mood and feel relaxed.

Idea 3: Enlarge your deck around pool area

To create a lovely visual view and easier maintenance, construct your deck till pool area with the same material. Also, add some greenery, by planting a line of trees or grassy lawns.

For a pool deck, wood will be great choice, especially composite. Learn which is better between composite vs. timber decking to get a valuable insight.

Idea 4: Opt for tile

Opting tile for deck flooring is now in the trend because you can wash it easily and it looks more fun and colourful. Consider adding some décor like lanterns, vines and some textiles, it will give the finishing nicely.

Idea 5: Invest in a swimming pool

Just because you don’t have any deck that doesn’t mean you can’t have a pool. You can use the roof deck area for poolside snacks and relaxing. Moreover, remember to add some colourful pillows, as it is a perfect way to highlight different colour variations. 

Idea 6: Add an outdoor fire pit

Creating an outdoor all-season deck can be done a few ways. For winters, you can consider installing a fire pit for a warm vibe in the open air. To fulfil this idea, opt for neutral tones, smooth lines, and realistic throw pillows. 

Idea 7: Build a Jacuzzi

A sleek custom built-in Jacuzzi on the deck will surely give you more use of decking. For example, a sunken style will build the vision of more open space than a raised hot tub would on a small deck.

Idea 8: Paint the floor

This idea is for people who have beach houses. You can paint your deck with some blue and white stripes to give it classic oceanic vibes. Moreover, add bistro seats and croquet set to complete the playful look.

Idea 9: Add some vacation vibe

Whether you live in the middle of the city or far away, your deck can give you tropical vibes. Paint your deck rails white, add a seagrass rug and opt for rattan furniture and a potted palm tree. You’ll surely feel the island breeze.

Idea 10: Make a bold statement

Give your deck a bold statement by colouring the exterior walls black and furnishing it white. This will create a modern clean look that will take your house to the next level.

Idea 11: Use scaffold boards

You can DIY your own deck with scaffold boards. This material is cheap and a great option for those who are on a strict budget. It will look great with little polish. 

Idea 12: Maximise seating

Build seating to maximise the space on your deck. Don’t be afraid of using different timber shades, as it will create interest in your space. You can also add throw pillow and cushions to make the seat more comfortable.

Idea 13: Add levels

Break your deck into different levels. The multilevel will seamlessly create a bridge between your home and garden for a beautiful design.

Idea 14: Add some outdoor plants

By adding some outdoor plants, your deck will look like a garden oasis. Pick some outdoor plants like Emerald for height, Bergenia for shiny leaves, blue star juniper for colour and Fuldaglut sedum for a big statement. 

Idea 15: Add a swing to décor

Adding a swing to your deck will surely give a wow factor to your guests. It will provide the perfect place to relax with a glass of wine in the evening.

Idea 16: Focus on the front view

This minimalist deck and sleek infinity pool design set the scene and allow your eyes to focus on the view which is gorgeous, and expensive. And it will be a perfect place for the evening glass of wine. 

Idea 17: Create Cohesion and Flow

If your living room or bedroom opens up onto your deck, make sure you decorate with materials and colours that compliment the interior design scheme. A small step between the indoor and outdoor spaces will also prompt the environmental shift.

Idea 18: Make It Modern

Set up a sitting area on your deck as well as an alfresco dining area. Face the chairs outwards so you can enjoy the view and feel comfortable.

Idea 19: Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Draw your attention upward with eye-catching painted staircase risers—it’s such an easy and impactful way to incorporate colour. We also love how the etched wooden panel between the ground and the deck is the same material as the door, introducing texture and making the space feel cohesive.

Idea 20: Ditch the Rails

If the deck is low enough, you could just ditch the rails altogether. This will create a nice feeling of openness. And using the same colour and/or finish for your shingles, deck floor, and stairs will ensure a nice visual flow and sense of harmony.


Thus, with these twenty creative ideas, you can enjoy your backyard with a functional and beautiful outdoor living space. So, what design are you going to choose? Whatever style you choose, there’s no doubt it will add to your lifestyle. So you can look forward to enjoying the benefits of a beautiful alfresco area for entertaining and relaxing.

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