Portable Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone Car Kit for Your Car


If you like streaming music while riding or want to listen to the phone conversation via car’s speakers, but your car has no Bluetooth attached; add-on Bluetooth for Car AUX is the affordable solution for you. Most of the states now have very strict rules and penalize the car drivers if they talk over phone while riding. This is the reason why there is a surge for hands-free devices which can be added to the car stereo device. Integrated speakerphone and dialling system are the good option, but there are other higher levels of convenience that you can enjoy with the portable Bluetooth hands free phone car kit for your car. 

But, you need to remember one thing that not all hands-free phone car kit is equal and selection must be done carefully keeping in mind certain factors. Below you will come across with some crucial factors that you have to keep in mind when looking for best Bluetooth hands free phone car kit for your car. Plus, check the Amazon India coupon code for today to avail discounts while buying hands free Bluetooth portable car kit. 


The Bluetooth hands free portable car kit is the device that you will be using as often as possible. If you want to use it every day with different devices then ensure that it has the ability to connect to a variety of devices with ease. Technology keeps on changing and the OS your Bluetooth kit supports today may not support the updated OS of your latest phone in future. So, to avoid such complications, it is necessary that you buy versatile Bluetooth hands-free car kit that is compatible with multiple operating systems. 

Buying versatile Bluetooth car kit is always best, especially when you are having multiple phones with different OS. The updated Bluetooth hands-free car kit like JBL Hands Free Bluetooth car kit comes with the ability to connect with your Smart watches and tablets. This will be an added advantage for you.


Most of the people believe that the Bluetooth hands-free car kit works the same way, but it is not true. Some of the devices are designed to connect with one single unit at a time, while other updated models can connect with multiple systems simultaneously. So, look for the advanced Bluetooth hands-free car kit that can be connected to multiple phones at a time. This would be beneficial for you if you share your car with other drivers. You don’t have to connect and disconnect your phone every time as the device will automatically pair with the phone once it is available for pairing. 

Ambient Noise Reduction

Cars are noisy when it is on road in between high traffic. In most of the cases, you find it difficult to hear the voice over phone when in car. But the advanced Bluetooth hands free car kit comes with noise reduction MIC which can be an added advantage for you in such situation. People on the other side can clearly hear you because of reduced ambient noise and hence you can have good conversation over the phone even when you are in high traffic area. 

Better Hands-Free Operation

The Best Bluetooth Earphones in India has the ability to be operated without distracting the users from listening to music. Similarly, the best Bluetooth hands-free car kit for your car comes with the ability to be operated without distracting the user from their role of driving. Some of the kits come with magnetic docking station along with multiple function buttons. The docking system uses the adhesive to stick on the desk board of the car and it can be placed anywhere you find it comfortable. 

The other models connect to the audio jack of car stereo via a small metal ending and you can use multiple function buttons available on its surface to control the phone. It comes with small display the lets you to see the caller’s ID and the song’s title when playing music. 

So, these were some of the factors that you need to keep in mind when looking for best Bluetooth hands-free car kit for your car. Before buying ensure to check the Amazon or TataCliq coupon code for new users to save money and avail great discounts.       

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