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No magic is there for ranking a website on the top of the first page of Yahoo, Bing or Google as it is the result of effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Basically, it is governed by the complex algorithms which need much time for convincing the search engine that the web page or site is deservable to acquire the top spot. 

However, certain rules have to be followed for proper optimisation of the site. If you are a newbie and want to know about the optimisation rules, then continues reading. This blog compiles the effective SEO tips to be followed by the beginners for performing effective SEO. Learn how to get your website on google first page with our 15 SEO tips for beginners guide. 

Page titles and descriptions

Page titles

Page titles are significant factor of SEO and its crucial characteristics are given below:

  • Be descriptive and brief
  • Each page must possess a unique page title for precise description of the content of the page
  • Assists the user to understand the content of the page 

Home page title- It must be comprised of the name of the business or website along with other crucial information like address. It can include other focused offerings as well. 

Other pages/post title- Other pages titles should be all about the content of the pages and hence its must be attractive to the viewer.


Even Meta tag and description are important as it offers search engines, Google and users about the summary of the pages. Google allows you to show the description in the snippet form so that the viewer can get an idea what the pages are all about.      

Permanent Link Structure

This term helps in the representation of the URLs format according to the pages (tags/categories) or posts in the website. 

Guidelines for the SEO-friendly URLs

  • Create easy-to-understand URLs for both users and search engine
  • Make use of hyphens ‘–‘ for separating the words 
  • Never make lengthy URLs with irrelevant information
  • Rather stuffing of keywords, use words which describe the page precisely


Breadcrumb train is important for all of the internal pages. It is referred to the set of links pasted on the top of pages for aiding navigation. By using WordPress by the SEO agency in London, you will be able to create breadcrumb with the help of numerous free plugins. 

Internal Links 

Internal links are those which link a page of a website to another page of the same website. It is much different from that of the external links. Being a vital factor, still it is not using by in the appropriate manner for SEO. There are certain rules to do so:  

  • Link should be done to the relevant article by using article title or keyword anchor text 
  • Both of them must be easy-to-understand by the search engines
  • It will assist the user for navigating a site in much better way
  • Click here or […] can’t be used in internal linking
  • Never overdo anything as only a couple of links are enough to work 

Formatting of text and use of H1, H2 and H3

Never publish the text pieces on the website without performing any basic formatting.  Apart from affecting the user experience it ruins the SEO efforts that you have done so far at the same time. 

Some general guidelines of formatting are mentioned below:

  • H1 tags are important for title of the content
  • H2 tags are for the main heading
  • Italics and BOLD for drawing user attention 
  • Write in small paragraphs 
  • Use easy-to-read font size 

I must keep user experience in mind during formatting. Make sure that the pages get easily loaded and texts can be read on every device like Android tablets, Apple iPads and Smartphones.   

The 404 Page 

SEO is all about the improvement of the user experience and contribution of the proper 404 page in attaining the desired goal. Generally it gets displayed when there is any mistype in the URL or it is the URL of the broken link which is not existed at all.  If it is not done in the right way it can impact the user experience negatively. 

Image Optimisation 

Images are important for enhancing the user experience! However, proper care must be taken by the SEO services in London for other booming issues like slow response and loading speed of the page. While describing any images keywords and Alt Text must be used along with meaningful names and dashes. Then the images must be optimised and uploaded in KB. 

Page Speed

As per Google, loading speed of the page is another important aspect and several times webmasters don’t optimise the speed of the websites. Google’s prime aim is to offer the searcher with the accurate result in the shortest time possible. 

Once the speed is checked and accelerated, it will act effectively in offering the rank to the website for the next few years. Fast-loaded sites help in improving the UE which influence the users to return again. Additionally, website that loads less than 4 seconds is much likely 

  • Rank better in the search results 
  • Receive more conversions 
  • Helps in receiving more page visits per visitor    

Receive links from other websites 

There is no chance to avoid the link building when it is all about SEO. Off-page SEO too has a responsible role to play in offering the Google ranking algorithm. Incoming links are really useful for positive effect and better ranking of the website. But over time, it has really impacted the quality of the search result. 

Then again, Google starts making more strict rules for the ranking algorithm so that the differentiation can be done within artificial and natural links. By this way low-quality as well as spam websites will be completely removed from the index of Google.

 Mobile-friendly websites

Nowadays, maximum number of online searches is performed on mobile devices every day. Use of Smartphone becomes widely popular when it is about online shopping or looking for any important information. To ensure that the website is mobile-friendly:

At first you have to know the basic difference between a native Window, iPhone and Android app and a mobile-friendly website.  

A mobile-friendly website is meticulously designed and optimised so that it can be loaded and view on the mobile browser. It is not an app which can be easily downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play. But it can be checked on the browser of a mobile-version.  

User Sitemap 

A sitemap is the full list of pages/posts of the websites. There are two kinds of sitemaps. At first, an XML sitemap is to be submitted to Bing, Google and other search engines. Secondly, an HTML sitemap is helpful to find the content easily. It is always advisable for placing a link to the user sitemap from main menu. 

Content is really King 

To receive the efficiency of the above tips, it is vital to post relevant content on the site. It is the real king as a website stuffed with quality, original and precise content is beneficial for a long haul (without or with SEO) instead an SEO-optimised website with no quality content.  

 Fresh content

Fresh content is always an additional bonus for the visitors to return for the search engine bots. It helps in more crawling of the websites and that too more often. It is vital especially when you have to share anything about the topic or niche to cover. Never publish the pages with similar content just because of updating the blog or website.

 Checking of external links 

External links are another integral part of SEO that links your site pointing from other sites. It ensures that:

  • Linking isn’t done to spam websites stuffed with incoherent content
  • There is no broken links i.e., links to non-existing pages or sites 
  • Xenu can be used for analysing the external links
  • There isn’t any kind of exchanging or selling links
  • Nofollow directive is carried by any links in the comment section

 Use of Webmaster tools and Analytics

Bing and Google are the popular Webmaster tools. Here, you can register for submitting the website to their respective index. On submission, you can extract crucial information from webmaster central. Though these are not directly associated with SEO, yet on submitting the website to Bing webmaster tool and Google search console a number of benefits can be acquired:   

  • The number of incoming internal links can be seen
  • It’s the easiest way to share regarding the website to the search engines (by providing sitemap)  
  • Its help in receiving feedbacks as per the number of indexed pages 
  • You will be notified regarding any potential problems (access issue which restricts the crawling of content)
  • Even, it’s important for using Google Analytics (or any traffic analysis tool) for:
  • The number of pages gets viewed per visit
  • Type of keywords used
  • The timeframe they consume to view the pages (specific page)
  • The ways the visitors fund the website (referrals, search, direct visits etc)

Bonus SEO Tips for Beginners 

Schema Markup

There is a particular way by which you can make the search engines to understand your content’s context. It is the structured data markup. Simply, it helps in precise annotation of the content which helps in better indexing of the pages by the crawlers. As it isn’t a part of Google ranking algorithm, it improves the presentation of the pages in search results. 

As a result, more organic conversion and click-through rates can be obtained for the site. A variety of schemas are available for every type of content (products, services, images, videos and articles) and websites (local business, business, personal and much more). 

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Canonical URLs

  • Canonical URLs are crucial for SEO. By setting it up for every page, it will help in:
  • Avoiding the duplication issue of the content
  • Consolidation of the links to any specific page (it is necessary for eCommerce websites and the sites with dynamic URLs) 
  • Sharing the Google about original publisher of any content during syndicating of content on any other websites

After following every tip of SEO mentioned above for optimising the website, you have to concentrate on the improvement of website by posting content, services and articles into it. It must be proved as well. Use reliable as well as safe techniques for the promotion of the website. 

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