Black Hat VS White Hat SEO Techniques


Like all online brands, you might be wondering how to optimize the webpage and content to achieve the top rankings on SERPs. Well, different SEO techniques are used by these online brands to achieve top rankings. But you need to understand that not all SEO techniques are same. Search Engine Optimization is categorized into two different types – White Hat and Black Hat SEO. 

The White Hat SEO is ethical technique that works in adherence to the set guidelines of Google Search Engine. It helps in building your online authority and credibility. However, the Black Hat is the unethical method that works by violating the search engine guidelines and it may lead to permanent suspension of your webpage or website. So, it is extremely important for you to know what strategy your business website is using currently. 

Black Hat Vs. White Hat SEO Services!

Black Hat SEOWhite Hat SEO
It is not optimized for the human audiencesIt is optimized for human audiences
It works by violating guidelines of search enginesWorks in adherence to search engine guidelines
It hampers the long term credibilityIt helps building long term authority
Completely an unethical methodEthical and genuine SEO technique

What is Black Hat SEO Technique?

Black Hat SEO involves using of manipulative methods in order to maximize the visibility of the webpage and its rankings on SERPs. The Black Hat methods always fail to optimize the content for targeted human audiences and it works by violating the guidelines of major search engines like Google. The Black Hat techniques are highly detrimental for the credibility of the content creator or businesses.

Some of the common Black Hat SEO Techniques 2020 include:

  • Invisible text
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Unrelated keywords
  • Doorway pages
  • Link manipulation
  • Page swapping
  • Link farms
  • Comment and blog spamming
  • Reporting competitors
  • Duplicating content
  • Other unethical SEO services

All these techniques skew the SERPs illegally and restrain the abilities of search engines to offer content that is valuable and important for the person searching for it. But, Black Hat SEO techniques have the ability to generate faster results and the long term consequences outweigh the short term gratification. But, from the ranking viewpoint it may hamper the influx of web traffic, credibility of the website in long run and also threaten the visibility of the site overtime. 

What is White Hat SEO?

The White Hat SEO Service use only ethical methods to rank your website higher on SERPs. The White Hat strategies are designed keeping in mind the needs of human audiences. Instead of manipulating the search engines, the Digital Marketing Companies use white hat techniques that work in adherence to the guidelines set by Google and other search engines. This helps in increasing the likeliness of the content to meet the needs of end users. 

White Hat SEO Techniques involve using ethical search engine optimization methods, while keeping in mind the end needs of a human audience. It involves creating high quality web content using the white hat strategies like keyword analysis, linking, and writing content for human audiences. All these strategies help develop organic rankings and traffic for your website. Not only it helps in building authority and credibility on web, but also increases the influx of organic traffic and leads for your online businesses. 

Proven White Hat Techniques 2020!

  • Quality Content – The best way to rank higher is by writing quality content for your webpage. You need to be prompt in answering the questions that your target market is asking and ensure to answer their questions by writing quality content. You also need to check how your content is organized. By maintain a right balance between headers, images to text ratio, media quality and white spaces; you can urge visitors to spend more time on your webpage for more information. This will further drive in more organic traffic. 
  • External and Internal Linking – Linking is the important SEO tool to build associations to the content on your website. With internal linking on keywords you can urge the readers to learn more about the topics by redirecting them to the right landing page. With external linking you get the power to create associations which search engines will consider when determining SERPs. 

Keyword research, social media optimization and on-page optimization are some of the other white hat SEO techniques that are widely used in Digital Marketing today.         

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