How To Make A Cat Repellent To Protect Furniture

How to make a cat repellent to protect furniture

The cat is revealed as an ideal companion in everyday life. It gives us love, tenderness and does us a lot of good. But in many moments, this creature, usually calm and calm, turns into a destruction pro. Read here how to explain this phenomenon and how to help it get past this stage.

My cat is ransacking the house and the furniture

Certain objects and styles of development stimulate the primary instinct of our felines and encourage their destructive habits. They find their happiness in the nibbling of the visible electric wires or linen cloths and in particular to claw and manhandle the sofa, the sofa, or even Dad’s armchair.

Veterinarians classify most of these behaviors (for example making its claws) as a natural need of the animal. As, it does not have effective means to get rid of these, it refines and heals them as best as possible thanks to this process.

In addition, there are beasts that show a strong inclination to destroy the objects which surround them, intentionally. In this case, this evil is explained by their inability to adapt to their environment or their way of life. Often these deviations also arise from the uncontrolled consumption of unsuitable products. 

Felines who live in cities in large buildings have behavioral problems linked to their daily habits. They show bizarre behaviors like eating or digging up house plants, gnawing, and biting on the fabric of the sofa or sofa. This is the case with wool-sucking cats, which in the end manage to hole our most precious sweaters and linens. 

These kinds of animals are generally of Asian breeds. Their extraordinary behavior stems from a genetic reason. Siamese is the most exposed to these unusual manias. Thus, the masters not only deal with scratches from the furniture but also have to face this type of ailment. 

In addition, this problem also affects animals weaned very early and who have been bottle-fed. They have kept a much more pronounced sucking reflex, which prompts them to act this way with the tissues in the house. Those who suffer from anxiety or depression do the same. Thus, the masters should not be surprised or worry too much about this ingestion of inappropriate substances and their effects on the sofa.   

How to make a cat repellent to protect furniture

How to manage your pet when tying furniture?

The ability of cats to turn everything upside down remains unsuspected. Of course, we are used to people complaining about their dogs. But, on the tomcat side, there are few people who spread out on the subject. However, more than one cat destroys everything in their path. Often, they demolish the sofa or the armchair with their claws and also attack the tapestry. In this regard, it seems high time for the master to use a repellent to limit the damage and bring more order into the home.

This type of natural product does not contain any harmful element which could harm the health of the animal. It is easily found on the market, but you can very well make it yourself. This potion makes it possible to cover the olfactory imprint already left and soaked everywhere by the cat.

For this purpose, there is the natural repellent spray:

This product can be used indoors and outdoors. Practical, it works instantly and succeeds in removing the claws of our furballs from the furniture. We just have to spray it on the structure to be treated for it to work. In addition, some of our felines mark their territory with their urine. This habit reduces to nothing the level of hygiene in the house. And the smell of cat pee doesn’t smell very good. Also, to teach them cleanliness and prevent them from going to their needs everywhere, the repellent is defined as the optimal solution. To find the one that suits you, here is our list of the best products.

How to make a cat repellent to protect furniture

Make your homemade repellent

This task remains simple. Usually, professionals use a mixture of essential oils. The ingredients for this blend are conveniently obtained. Some exist and are already kept in our drawers. You just need to mix the following elements:

– 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil         

– 5 drops of the same component in lemongrass version         

– 5 drops of lavender         

– All to mix in two cups of water.         

Once the mixture is formed, it is transferred to a bottle and applied whenever the need arises.

The pepper repellent is effective on cats, but also on dogs. The uncomfortable smell that comes out does not please our pets. To obtain sufficient quantities, proceed as follows:

– Boil a cup of water,         

– Attach a spoon of ground pepper,         

– Wait until the powders are completely diluted,         

– And let everything cool before spraying the corners of the sofa         

In addition, white vinegar also keeps our twinks away. Just mix 100 ml of this potion with thirty drops of orange essential oil. And voila.

Other solutions than the repellent

To treat the behavioral disorder of our little animals, we must be patient. Understanding evil from its origin will help us find the right solutions. The advice of a veterinarian remains important.
In most cases, the scratches on the furniture are revealed as an instinctive behavior in our animals. They allow us to file their nails. In most cases, the scratches on the furniture are revealed as an instinctive behavior in our animals. They allow us to file their nails. So a schedule should be made to cut the nails of animals. For this purpose, it seems reasonable to adopt a cat tree or a scratching poclist on which the feline can let off steam.  For this purpose, it seems reasonable to adopt a cat tree or a scratching poclist on which the feline can let off steam. The trick to help him get used to this accessory as quickly as possible is to place it near the place where he likes to sleep. Getting him toys will reduce his anxiety and distract him from the couch.

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