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We have always heard of the phrase “laughter brings joy and health.” Personally speaking, a few years back I used to think that the phrase is too vague! Recently, I actually understood the actual meaning of the phrase. Well, yes there is an unbreakable connection between happiness and health. Simply, when you have established inner peace and stability, you eventually become a happy person, and your health also improves. Happiness and health work as a cycle, let’s discuss how happiness and health are actually connected with each other.

Positive psychology has explored the factors contributing to happiness and health. Such research shows that the connection between happiness and health provides meaningful and healthy lives to the people.

The Cycle of Happiness and Health

Cycle of Happiness and Health

The connection between happiness and health is based on a cycle wherein the motive is to explain is the strong link between happiness and health. If you observe the cycle and relate with your own experiences, you will get to know why you gained or lost weight when you were stressed. Meanwhile, when happiness outcome as a healthy body.

1. Long life and happiness

Various researches show that happiness provides long life. It has been observed that around 90% who were happy and positive lived longer and people who grieved and were not positive died early.

Long life and happiness

Such researches show us that we should not always be grieving about our past or our future, we should always move on with the present and the upcoming future. If you will stay happy, your body will be more healthy and fit (due to the release of happy hormones) which will result in a long and happy life. To stay happy and fit, you can try reading books and try meditation.

2. Relationship and happiness

Various researches show that positivity is linked with relationships or marriages. For example, if you keep each other happy, you are likely to have a positive, peaceful, and happy life. In this way, you can keep your partner happy and healthy. I know life is all about ups and downs… but in all those situations try to support each other like a team and do not forget to keep your partner happy. This will result in better health of both.

Relationship and happiness

Even if you are in a long-distance relationship, you can keep each other happy with simple everyday communication. Don’t miss the everyday conversation.

3. Positivity, happiness, and health

As per the cycle, we can prove that positivity, happiness, and health are co-related with each other. There is a survey by Robert Holden which shows that 60% of people opt for happiness over health. Because health can be gained by a happy body and mind no doubt. Holden stated in his survey that “there is no true health without happiness.”

Additionally, research shows that unhappiness, anxiety, depression, and stress are actually linked to poor health. Stress and anxiety actually dampen immunity and increases inflammation which leads to chronic health conditions and diseases.

Positivity, happiness, and health

Takeaway- Happiness and health

You might all be thinking that why I have included so much researches in my blog… my purpose in including all the studies in the blog is to make you understand the importance of being happy and positive about life. No matter what situations we are in!

To be honest, we all are struggling somewhere with our lives, career, or relationships. The sole purpose of my writing is to look for the happy and brighter side in every negative situation. Our body needs positivity and happiness to live healthily. This blog is completely related to happiness and health. Therefore, start being happy and positive… no matter what situation we have!

This blog comes to an end. I hope you like this blog. Comment down and let me know what happiness and health mean to you.

Be positive and stay healthy

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