Corporate Photography: The Do’s and Don’ts!

The corporate photoshoot is used to promote the organisation’s brand, product, and services. Besides, many companies also use corporate photography to document a social event or a product launch. These photographs are published on the company’s professional website and several print media such as magazines, internal newsletters, journals, etc.

The prime goal of best corporate photographers in Bristol is to capture the photos in such a way that they help to shape the brand’s image and increase the sales of products and services. They work with a company and help them in creating and promoting their brand. The shots captured by these photographers are also used in social media and advertising material.

If you are new to the corporate photography industry then you must know that there are 3 major types of corporate photography i.e. event photography, product photography, and portrait photos. They all have their unique benefits and relevance. Event photoshoot is related to taking pictures of guests, family, friends, and occurrences at an event, and portrait photography is the art of capturing the subject and its personality. Talking about product photography, its goal is to present a product in its best possible way.

The global e-commerce market is continuously growing and this demands high-quality pictures on a company’s website or social media platform. People are always checking the company’s profile on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc. and their purchasing decision depends on the visual information. Therefore it is key to click well-executed corporate images that will draw the attention of consumers.

Corporate photography is much more than just using gear, it requires a lot of patience, practice, and skills. In this article, we will discuss some Do’s and Don’ts that will help you to get great headshots.

Do Focus On Eye Of Subject :

Eyes are the prime aspect of a headshot therefore you must focus on the eyes of the subject while shooting. For this, you should use a small aperture and focus point on the subject’s eyes instead of moving the camera. In case you are doing close-ups, ensure that both eyes of the subject lie in the same plane. If you capture the entire subject in focus but neglect the eyes, the portrait will not work. 

Do Take As Many As Shots Possible :

To get a really good one photo you need to take a lot of pictures. Don’t leave yourself to a single shot and snap your camera at different opportunities. Taking multiple shots is better than scheduling a reshoot. Just imagine what would happen if you take only 4-5 pictures and they all are out of focus? On the other hand, capturing multiple headshots is a great way to satisfy the client and to make long term relationships with them.

Do Help Your Client To Choose Right Clothes :

For the professional corporate portrait shoot subject should dress the way they normally would for the office. But you can guide them to wear solid neutral colors as they work best for portrait pictures. Also, remind them to iron their clothes for the photoshoot.

Be Positive And Keep Talking With Your Clients :

Keep the lines of communication open with your subject and make sure that they are doing right. This will allow you to capture great headshots.

Don’t Shoot With The Wrong Lens :

To capture the headshots perfectly you need to use the most suitable lens. Typically, an 85 mm prime lens is used to capture the headshots. These lenses are available with f/1.8 and f/1.4 apertures and are best for portraiture as they give realistic look to the subject. But if you will use wide-angle lenses like 20 mm and 24 mm, it can distort the proportion of the image.

Don’t Use Flash Light :

The flashlight casts ugly shadows and produces an unnatural effect on the images. Also, it ruins the color temperature of the pictures and affects the image quality. Therefore it would be better to take headshots early in the morning or in the late afternoon in the presence of natural sunlight. Nothing can beat the beauty of the sunlight and the best corporate photographers in Bristol know how to use it correctly to create soft portraits. 

Do not Capture Blur Photos :

Sometimes you may see a blurry effect in your portrait pictures, this is because of very low shutter speed. So, it is important to set the shutter speed correctly and choose the high-resolution camera to click the corporate head shots. It is important to note that it is okay to use slightly blurred pictures in social media platforms but when it comes to print media, the image should be of high resolution.

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In Final Words :

Photography is a constant learning process and can be best learned through practice and mistakes. The above Don’ts are just a few of many mistakes, you must avoid them to enhance your portrait photography skills.

Author Bio: Oliver James is an accomplished explorer, photographer, creative director, speaker, and author. Travelling throughout the year to pursue the farthest expansion of the earth. Oliver works to capture the stories that inspire humans to consider their relationship with nature and the world.

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