12 Best Motorcycle Tours In India Road Trip With Your Dream Bike

india road trip

Travel is something that will give a great experience to everyone. Many people love travelling, and when you have your own two-wheeler, you can travel without worry. India is a beautiful country, and a road trip can be a memorable experience. There are many places that you can visit to cover the mesmerising Indian tradition and landscape.

Here some exciting places that you can choose for your road trip:

Exploring South India:

Bangalore to Bandipur Forest:

The trip is a 235 km ride that is surrounded by forest and nature, and it will calm your nerves and get you out of tiredness. In the Bangalore – Mysore highway you can stop by the Balmuri Waterfalls to witness its majestic beauty. Also, when you travel via the same path, you can reach the Bandipur Forest Reserve.

Mumbai to Kerala:

Nothing is as great as escaping the bustling city like Mumbai to reach God’s own country (Kerala) in the south. You can plan a drive-through for 2 – 3 days to cover the distance of 1251 km through nature and bliss. You can explore the unseen destinations of Tarkarli and also enjoy Konkani food on your way. You can stop by destinations like Alleppey, which is famous for its backwaters. 

Chennai to Yelagiri:

A bike ride from Namma Chennai to Yelagiri is one of its kind. It is a stretch of 200 km that shows the beauty of South India. You can see greenery and mountains that also have occasional waterfalls and scenic viewpoints on the way. It is a tourist destination for locals in Chennai and one of the enticing hill station destinations. check on google map

Bangalore to Ooty via Mysore:

The trip from Bangalore to Ooty via Mysore is another pleasing one with incredible scenic views. The road trip comprises 278 km, and that will take up to 6 to 7 hours to complete that will pass through cities like Ramnagara and Mysore. When you are a person who is passionate about history, then Mysore is the perfect stop for you. The Nilgiri ghats is a great view that is worth your ride, and you can extend your ride to Bandipur Forest for more of nature. 

Exploring Himachal Pradesh:

Manali to Shimla via Mandi:

This route is one of beauty, and the drive is a 250km one with green mountains on one side and a flawless river on the other side. When you cover 105 km, you will reach Bilaspur, Haribag and other cities where you can complete your refreshments. The trip will be very compelling with snow peaks and waterfalls to spend your time.

Spiti Valley:

When you visit Spiti Valley, you can see changing landscapes each kilometre. From snow to lakes and from greenery to rocks, this 200 km ride will cover all aspects of nature. Both the world’s of India and Tibet can be seen with the architecture and views of the beautiful Spiti Valley.

Leh Ladakh:

When you are a person who likes adventure, then this is the perfect option for you, and it is one of the peak motorable roads in the world. It will get you through snow-peaked Himalayan mountains, colourful monasteries and steep curves. From Manali to Leh, is a 476 km road trip that is thrilling and challenging in all aspects. Though it might take a lot of your time, you can carry your memories for life. A trip here during May – September is a perfect time, post which the roads will be closed. 

Exploring Eastern India:

Kolkata to Digha:

The trip from Kolkata to Digha is another wonderful one with a 184 km that goes through Bagnan, Nandkumar and Contai. This drive will take between 3 to 4 hours to cover up via road. When you want to spend a mesmerising beach time with your loved ones over food and party, then this journey is a perfect choice.

Exploring Western India:

Mangalore to Goa:

This long trip of 355 km from Mangaluru to Goa will help you reckon the beauty of western India. It will mesmerise you with coastal towns of the western belt of India like Udupi, Gokarna and Karwar before reaching Goa. The seafood in this route is mouthwatering, and it will keep you in awe throughout the trip. October to March is the optimum period to experience this route. 

Delhi to Ranthambore:

The Delhi to Ranthambore via Jaipur is a 436 km long road trip that will take around 9 hours to cover. You can spend time in the Pink City of Jaipur and enjoy its cultural heritage. Also, you will be passing via Aravalli hills and come across plenty Rajasthani Dhabas to entice your taste buds. After reaching Ranthambore, you can visit the National Park and go for a Tiger Safari. 

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Mumbai to Pune via Lonavala:

A short but fantastic trip that will take you from Mumbai to Pune via Lonavala is eccentric. This route comprises 160 km of motley terrains that will boost your adrenalin. There won’t be much traffic as you approach Lonavala with a few steep turns. 

Somnath to Diu via Gir:

Experiencing the beauty of nature is fantastic and worth your time. The 90 km ride from Somnath to Diu passing over Gir is one of its kind. The Asiatic lions in Gir National Park, cultural heritage of Somnath and finally the most beautiful coastal island of Diu will make your trip worthwhile. It will be perfect for you to visit in winters.To make these worthwhile trips travelling here with a Super Bike will be something apt. Can you afford that bike to complete all your dream trips? Yes! With the help of a customised and flexible loan, you can do it. t. So opt for the best two-wheeler loan with a reasonable interest rate to make it easy for you.

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