An Insight Into Air Compressor Applications And Their Types

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Generally air compressors are those hefty machines which no one cares about because they sit there silently doing their job without making much fuss. And there are found everywhere. From your house hold refrigerators to big factories, they are everywhere and have a variety of applications. But let us not make this complicated. Let us make it pretty simple.

When you think about an air compressor you see a machine that is reliable tough and which does its tasks easily. If you put them to good use you will see that it impacts your time and energy, and saves quite a bit of them.

In this guide we will tell you everything you need to know about the functioning of an air compressor, types and various applications that they can be used for.

The Air conversion

So how does an air compressor work? It is not some kind of sorcery that is behind it rather it is simple physics and aerodynamics as is suggested by the name. Air compressor works by sucking the outside air and then squeezing it enough to make a usable force out of it. Speaking of which, did the steam engine come to your mind? Well to cut long story short it is something like that.

The internal components power up complex mechanisms inside the compressor and helps the air reach its maximum attainable PSI. The volume of air that a compressor can compress is measures in cubic feet per minute or better known as the CFM. And this is the most important thing you need to consider before buying a compressor.

Right Tools and Applications

Now before you go on buying a compressor just to see what it can do  for you, before knowing how it can do it for you, STOP right here! The air compressors are power machines, yes, that is true. But they cannot do anything on their own. In fact they are pretty much useless if you don’t have the right tools to work with them for right applications. Therefore, it is very important that you first decide what you want to use the compressor for and what kind of tools you will be using with it.

Coming up is a detailed breakdown of the tools and applications that will fit your compressor. This will be very helpful for you before choosing a compressor.

For Daily Usage

A small air compressor will be useful for you for your everyday needs, in and outside the house. This means that you will never have to worry about a flat tire anymore. It gives you the satisfaction that it is you who has fixed the problem yourself like a pro. Not only that, it makes you self sufficient and you don’t have to rely on other people too much.

It doesn’t matter if it is a sagging deck or a flat tire or if you just want to replace that old trim board of yours. All you got to do is have your everyday fix list and know the right tools you will use with the compressor which will make your task easy, simple and even fun to do. If you are a DIY person who likes to spend his weekends fixing the house hold, then a large single stage compressor will be the best choice for you. 

For Professional Use

If you are a pro then having a right compressor will give you the peace of mind at the end of the day. For business owners like workshop owners and the likes of them, you already know that not just any compressor will do it for you. You will need a compressor that will not only power up your workshop but will also save you money through their high powered highly efficient operation.

We are focusing on compressors that can handle the tasks of painting many cars or changing as many tires as possible in the lesser time possible.  What you are going to need is a professional grade compressor that is able to withstand all that. Not only that, it should be durable, long-lasting and also portable so that you can carry it around easily 


Everyone should benefit from technology and most importantly know how it works. Here are the different types of air compressors 


These types of compressors are the mostly used compressors out there. Just like the pistons inside your car’s engine, the crankshafts inside the body drives the piston which then creates a vacuum that naturally sucks the air into it and then push that air into the tank.

The internal components just work like a car engine and therefore they produce a lot of heat therefore these days it is good to take advantage of the new technology and buy oil less compressors.


This type of compressors use the rotary screw technology which is mainly used for heavy duty industrial applications. These compressors are built for endurance as in the industry they required to work for extended periods of times. These compressors work by passing air through two oil sealed screws. These are long endurance compressors as unlike the piston compressors, the internal components do not touch each other as the pistons do and therefore produce lesser heat and require less maintenance. They have a wide range of application within the industry and are rated for heavy duty tasks.


The scroll compressors can be imagined as compressors with two cylindrical bearings that rotate around each other in a circular motion. One scroll is fixed in place and the other one moves around the first one.

These type of compressors are found everywhere around us and are very common. They have a wide range of applications which include pharmaceuticals, turbines, vehicles and even refrigerators.

They are widely used primarily due to their capability to produce the finest air according to ISO standards. That is why they are used in many industrial, home use and commercial applications.

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