6 Tips & Tricks to Keep the Tyres In Super Condition

Tips & Tricks to Keep the Tyres In Super Condition

Being the most important part of any vehicle, it’s unfortunate how drivers fail taking good care of the tyres, ending in a serious condition. Driving on worn and damaged wheels means you’re compromising the safety of yourself, the vehicle, savings and others on the road. If you wish to keep the vehicle in top condition and roadworthy for longer, be sure the tyres are well-kept and here’s how;

Routine pressure check

A vehicle’s steering, braking, handling and mileage are seriously affected by tyre pressure. If the tyres are under or over inflated, fuel consumption increases in both conditions thus making them more susceptible to quick deterioration. In worst case scenario, imminent blowout may occur when driving and you’re likely to lose control of the vehicle.

Avoid putting yourself and the passengers in peril and check tyre pressure at least once a month, including spare. With that, do check tyre pressure before long journeys or when carrying a heavier than usual load.

Sufficient tread

Tyre tread directly affect vehicle’s performance and overall safety especially in extreme weather conditions. Check the legal minimum tread depth per the state laws where you’re driving and make sure the count doesn’t fall below the prescribed limit. In case it already has, replace the SUV tyres immediately. Remember that driving with the tyre below the limit is illegal and downright dangerous, causing your car to fail the MOT test.

Avoid overloading the car

Overloading the car is far more hazardous than you can possibly imagine! A vehicle carrying weight beyond its capacity compromises handling, causes excessive tread wear and overheat the tyre that may risk in imminent blowout. Luckily, most of the tyres are now labelled with load index which you shouldn’t exceed.

Wheel alignment

Misaligned wheels are a serious issue to tyres, causing them to wear unevenly. It eventually weakens the element of sturdiness from the tyres, weakening them which raise the risk of more damage. Driver also loses control of the vehicle whereas fuel consumption increases. When having the car repaired or simply putting on a new pair of SUV tyre in Dubai, make sure the alignment is carefully checked and adjusted if needed.

Be careful when mounting the kerb

Mounting the kerb at times can be unavoidable especially when parking on a busy street or simply trying to go around an obstacle right in the middle of the road. It’s important to remain careful when maneuvering the car in this manner especially if you wish keeping the tyres in top condition. Mounting the kerb also causes the sidewall to pinch between the kerb and the wheel which eventually weakens them and thus result in a blow-out.

Good driving habits

Apart from the basic maintenance, it’s important practicing good driving habits when keeping the tyres in top condition. Excessive braking and acceleration while driving harms the tyre and cause them to wear quickly. Bearing that in mind, try driving smoothly and steadily while avoiding excessive speed!


These are only a few basic steps to keep the Falken-MEA tyres safe and in good condition so make sure practising the above.

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