Digital Marketing Strategies for Successful Pharmacies


Although it is a traditionally offline sector, the new digital needs have made the presence of pharmacies grow in the digital world as well. It is the case of, for example, having a website where to promote health and beauty products on social networks, an ecommerce where to sell products online or a Google My Business tab so that users can easily find the nearest pharmacies in Google Maps.

Betting on a good marketing strategy for pharmacies in the digital world will help create positive synergies that will carry over into the physical world, even if we do not have an online store. For this reason, we have compiled the most important points to consider if we want to draw up a solid and lasting marketing strategy.


The location of your pharmacy in the digital world is essential today. In fact, users do geolocated searches to find pharmacies near their Google location.

Therefore, having a file in Google My Business to work on locating the premises must be one of our main priorities. Also, this Google tool is free and very easy to use. To appear in these search results, we must have a good tab in Google My Business, where the address, telephone number, hours and some other information appear that encourage the user to visit the pharmacy, such as promotions and the list of product categories that you offer.

Thanks to Google My Business, we will not only appear in local search results and Google Maps, but will also help improve local SEO on the web. On the other hand, it can serve as a basic website where to promote product offers and build trust with the opinions that customers leave about our business.


SEO positioning is something that will positively affect our pharmacy and one of the most important strategic points to consider. The objective of SEO is for our pharmacy to appear in the top positions of Google, which we know, according to various studies and our own experience, that account for more than 75% of total clicks.

Local SEO is essential, since it will make our pharmacy’s website appear at the top when geolocated terms are searched, such as:  pharmacy in Gran Canaria,  pharmacy near me, open pharmacy …

Among them, we see interesting keywords such as  online pharmacy and online parapharmacy , which reveal that users are interested in buying these products online. The high traffic from mobile phones gives us clues that they are users who are looking for an open pharmacy near their location, so we must have a website optimized for this type of device.

Standing out from the rest of pharmacies is a challenge capable of being overcome by implementing SEO actions. To improve our local SEO positioning, we must clearly incorporate the location, a map and use geolocated keywords on our content.


A person who needs some type of pharmaceutical product or wants to find a nearby pharmacy is very likely to use Google. In order for your pharmacy to appear in the results of these searches, you can carry out a Google campaign. This type of campaign will allow you to display ads that direct you to our website. The objective is to get quality traffic with a high probability that you will buy some of the products we offer and thus increase sales.

It is a system that offers us insured traffic from a certain investment regardless of the time and experience we have within the sector. For health and beauty products that can be bought in a parapharmacy we do not have any type of problem, but … Be careful! There are limitations to bid in our campaign for certain keywords if we do not have a pharmacy license. Google limits this type of advertising, since these are products with risks to the user’s health.


Social networks are another channel through which we can promote our pharmacy.

If we opt for accounts on the main social networks, they must be well cared for. If not, we can give a bad image to the public and it will be difficult for us to make the account grow properly. Both Facebook and Instagram are good options due to the high number of registered users they have in Spain. In these networks we can include photos of our business and our employees, since generating a relationship of trust with users in this type of sector is even more important.

We can also create contests or giveaways to encourage people to follow us, throw questions to users to improve and learn about their concerns, and promote our products. Regarding the contents to be published, we can make warnings about health recommendations, healthy lifestyle habits or show the latest news in the health sector about specific treatments.

We can give more visibility to our brand by adding our logo in the photos we post (especially if they are our own) or adding hashtags so that they can reach more customers. We must learn to use social networks in our favor, to get the most out of them and gain popularity within the sector.


Email marketing campaigns are a good asset for customer loyalty or to capture the attention of the punctual buyer. They are very useful especially when launching new products, promoting offers or moving a certain brand. To make the strategy work even better, it is recommended to segment the database according to your interests, so as not to send the same information to all contacts. We must remember that emails have to be attractive and have a good design, careful photography, etc.


Loyalty in a precious asset in any type of business. Consumer psychology is one of the great factors that have led many companies to create these cards, which try to bring benefits to the regular customer, such as discounts or special promotions. When creating loyalty cards, we can request some data from the user that is relevant, but without assaulting his privacy. Thanks to them we can also see the frequency with which users make purchases and calculate what may be the best time to send them a promotional email.


The creation of a blog will help us to publicize our brand and capture traffic to the web, improving our SEO positioning. For that, you can also get in touch with the best seo company newyork. In addition, it is a good way to communicate our commitment to customers.

In it we can publish specific content related to the products we sell both in the physical pharmacy and online, in order to attract readers, subscribers and future customers. We must not forget to include the creation of optimized, interesting, original and creative content.

Today, no pharmacy should think that digital marketing is uniquely and exclusively for large companies. A good pharmacy marketing strategy is necessary to grow, make ourselves known and keep the doors of the pharmacy always open.

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