3 Question People Ask About Tire

Question People Ask About Tire

When it comes to choosing the right set of tires, there are so many variables you need to consider. Perhaps that’s the reason why people have so many questions that they want to ask.

From workmanship & price to fuel, economy and warranty, dealing with tire buying stuff isn’t really an easy thing. For tires specifically, there’re so many brands out there to choose from. As per Wikipedia, there’re over 85 tire manufacturers across the world having over 230 different tire brands. Obviously, you don’t really have to kick all those to pick the ones that suit your driving needs as well as your lifestyle. Here’re a few questions that people often ask when it’s about buying a new set of tires. So let’s dive in;

How Do I know if it’s the Right time to Replace Tires?

First of all, it depends upon how much tread is left if your tires. You can check it by taking a penny test. Just insert a penny into the tire’s grooves. If the Lincoln head is covered, it means you’ve still got enough tread left, and there’s no need to replace the tires now. 

If you can clearly see Lincoln’s head, there’s no more tread left, and you must replace the car tires. Tires having the tread depth of 2/32 or below are considered as legally bald and will lead to severely reduced traction. And most importantly, tires in such condition are unsafe to drive.

Why are some Car tires so expensive?

Apart from the basic raw materials cost or the fact that large tires use more materials than passenger tires, the advanced features embedded by production teams considerably impact the ultimate price. Besides, the special manufacturing processes, unique rubber chemistry, new materials and rubber mixing technology are also significant factors of price inclination. 

Inevitably, these significant factors impact tire performance, especially when it comes to stopping/turning your car in different weather & driving conditions. Precisely, the better design & expensive materials translate into higher prices.

What to know about the warranty?

In the long-run, the details of the different warranties are critical. Even with comparable ratings, there’re huge differences in the warranty included by your tire dealer. Many features of the warranty are covered by the dealer who sold & installed the tires. So here’re a few tips on what to look for in a good warranty:

  • Length of coverage
  • Workmanship & materials guarantee. Both the tire and quality of the installation should be covered.
  • Maintenance guarantee: Regular inspections for wear, flat repairs, tire rotations & rebalancing are generally free.
  • Road hazard coverage: In case you hit debris/pothole, and the tire is damaged beyond repair, the value of tires is covered.

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