12 Rookie Mistakes You Might Do While Renovating Bathroom

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Renovating a bathroom can be an exciting prospect, but it also requires careful consideration. It might be fun for many people but the process involves forethought’s and practicality. Experts spend a lot of time in remodelling bathroom, so they know that what you should not do while renovating your bath. To save yourself from some stress and money by learning about things you can avoid during a renovation. 

1.Not planning properly

Keep in mind to never demolish without a thorough remodelling plan. First, identify your goals and formulate a specific plan to complete it. Even small decision can’t be saved for later. Second, consider mapping out a plan for your contractor who is going to help you in the remodelling process.

2.Ignoring installing a fan

Don’t forget this often over-looked feature, an exhaust fan. Not adding a proper ventilation creates humidity in the enclosed space and gets trapped. Moreover, within a few years that place can become home of mould and mildew which allows the paint, metal or grout to worsen. 

3.Improper spacing

Focusing on the look instead of functionality is the major problem during a renovation. Ensure that you first focus and think about the layout and space. If you’re considering breaking down the walls, moving plumbing fixtures, make sure you design your new layout accordingly. Moreover, keep the looks and decorating part at last and be certain about the placement of all your fixtures for comfortable use. 

4.Choosing the wrong material

Your bath undergoes some serious stress such as high moisture level to different temperature shifts. You can prevent you mildewed floors, vanities, or walls by choosing materials which are specially designed for the bathroom. While spending money, ensure that you are spending on reliable things. For example, when you go to purchase your bathroom wallpaper, make sure they are of good quality and can survive in high humidity.

5.Switching things around unnecessarily

If you have a bath which is already perfect and make sense, then think before you switch your sanitary ware. Adding, moving or replacing fixtures will cost your pocket more and will raise more troubles instead of solving them. And if you still want to move things, then consult a plumber beforehand so that your plan is feasible. 

6.Overlooking the door clearing

Did you add a new vanity to your bath and your door hits it every time you enter the bath? Install a sliding door and it will maximise the small bathroom space.Also, it won’t look more crowded. It won’t only just save the space but also will actively create an illusion of more space and will make your small bathroom feel bigger

7.Buying the wrong screen shower

Cleaning a wet floor due to leaky shower screen can be annoying. But by ensuring that you measure the screen properly and install the door. Have an effective sealing to seat the door and it can sweep that can be cleaned easily. 

8.Avoiding the position of bath tap

If you’re sharing your bathroom with other family member think about the practicalities first instead of ultra-chic look. You can’t install a tap in the centre of the bath as it can be dangerous for the little ones present at your place. Even a cascading mixer tap can come in a way at the time of using shower. Thus, ensure that you keep all the bath taps at the proper place.

9.Not shopping properly

All builders’ quotes are differing from one another, so the only way to shop the material is by comparing several quotes and query about any discrepancies. Consider getting at least three to four quotes, and always ask for more recommendations and references. Don’t think that builder gives you the best price and will surly get you the best result. Thus, consider opting for the quote that has massively weaken then others. 

10.Not calculating delivery items properly

A well-planned bath can’t be completed until your material such as sanitary ware, tiles and other fitting doesn’t arrive on time. So check all those items in advance. Make sure you place the orders in advance to avoid paying labours to twiddle their thumbs. 

11.Not checking orders as they arrive

If you’ve already ordered you bathroom supplies in advance, then don’t just put them one side. Instead of that unpack and check each supply to ensure it’s exactly same in quality what you have seen at the time of ordering and none of the tile or flooring material is broken or damaged. You might be having limited time to replace the faulty good. 

12.Lazy layouts

A small bathroom space function has to come before form. Allow some space between sanitary ware and vanity so people who are using it can move around easily and stand comfortably. For instance, keep at least 60cm space between the toilet and things that come in front of it. Ensure that you keep your towel rails within hand distance of the bath or shower. Moreover, keep all obstruction away from your cupboards and shower doors 


Committing mistakes while small renovations will leave you unsatisfied, along with some financial strains. But, with these twelve tips, you can reduce the anxiety for your upcoming bathroom remodel and will tell you what you need to take care and what to avoid. It will also help you in figuring out that exactly you need to achieve your ideal space. 

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