Way to Wipe Disk on Windows


Data is important with the aspects of the user. The data sometimes is so crucial that it can be dangerous and there might be the risk to leave the data unprotected. That’s why it’s always suggested to keep a track of your accounts in the top accounting software in India. Many reasons are there which can corrupt your data and will lead you to the condition where you will be forced to remove your data.

The internal built of hard disk is so complex which contains algorithms to save data and to delete data. Some instances are there which corrupts your data in the hard disks and at the end you need to delete the data to make it empty but as you think and what appears is that data is completely erased from the disk and you again got the empty space to save your data but that’s not true. We will see what all processes go behind the scene but before that let’s look at some other things which are important concerning your data, and will also see the reason for disk wipe.

There are a number of ways in which you can lose your data. If you are not updating the antivirus in your system, if not using good supply of power, if shutting the system or application abruptly, inserting the infected data into the system and much more. But opposing all these corruption scenarios we have some precautions as they are meant to save our data. But to wipe the disk on windows we have some other scenarios.

You can use updated antivirus in your system, better to create backup files, use good source of power supply so that system can be saved from abrupt shutdown application can be closed properly, and reformatting and formatting of drive must be done carefully.

But when the disk is formatted, then all the data in the disk seems to be deleted but that is not totally true, there are some pointers in the MBR which points to the data which are saved on the disk when someone deletes the data that means only the pointers which were pointing them are deleted. The data is still there where it was earlier and can be retrieved by using some third party tools. There is some software which deals with data recovery.

So whenever you want to hand over your hard disk to another that means if you are selling your hard disk that means you need to clear all the data permanently from the hard disk. This process is known as wiping of hard disk that cleans all the data in the disk.

There are many software downloads which are available on the internet which are used to wipe out the data from hard disk. How this is done, all the data in the hard disk is overwritten with 1’s and 0’s. If the software is good then this process will repeatedly be done. There are many software trial version downloads which can be used and if feels that software is good enough then you can download the complete version of the software. It’s always best to go with the trail version.

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