Water Has Got Into The Speakers Of The Phone – What Should I do?

water has got into the speakers of mobile phone

They say that no one is safe from mistakes and accidents. And accidentally dropping our gadget into the water, we are still in shock for a moment. And then we quickly get it out of there, trying to determine the amount of moisture that has got inside. What to do in this situation?

Below we will analyze what to do if water has got into the speakers of your mobile phone. And what methods will allow you to restore the normal functionality of the speakers with the least loss?

What to do first if the phone falls into the water

So, due to an unfortunate accident, a certain amount of moisture fell into the dynamics of your gadget.

First, do the following:

  1. Disconnect the gadget from the charger if it was previously connected to it.
  2. Turn off your phone completely.

No need to test the performance of your device, run some applications on it, try to listen to music, perform other similar actions. The power outage should occur first of all, since water itself is an excellent conductor. It can significantly damage the board of your gadget and disable its basic elements.

Do not try to poke cotton or gauze into the wet parts of the phone – you will only contribute to the pollution (clogging) of your device.

You can simply put the phone in the sun or on a battery, but this method of getting rid of moisture is quite long-lasting, not very effective, and not for everyone. What do we have as an alternative?

Using ordinary rice if water gets into the speakers

Effectively absorb moisture from the phone will help ordinary rice. Find a standard jar that your smartphone could fit in, pour rice to the top of it. And then “dip” your gadget there. In this state, let him stand for a day or two. Rice absorbs moisture perfectly, and in one or two days your device will be completely free of it.

Please note that this option is relevant for earlier phone models. There is nowhere to give moisture to modern waterproof devices. Should you change the device name to use wow name generator, however, they are also not afraid of water.

The use of paper towels in getting rid of water in speakers

To rid the speakers of the device of moisture, an ordinary paper towel may be suitable. It has a porous structure, perfectly absorbs, and can serve as a convenient tool to rid your gadget of the problem. Its effectiveness compared to the previous version is significantly lower.

Wrap the phone in water tightly with a towel

The quite popular method of drying things can be useful in relation to your phone, whose speakers accidentally got water. Wrap the phone in a towel and hold it in this state for several hours.

Using network services and mobile applications

If there is very little moisture in the phone, you can use special programs. They will make your speaker work at different frequencies. Due to the reproduction of various frequencies and vibrations of sound, the speakers will be cleaned of water. And you can use their recovered functionality.

Go to it on your smartphone, and click on the big button in the centre. Loud sound from the speaker will help save him from the problem.

Do not use a hairdryer or microwave to get rid of moisture in the speakers.

Strongly do not recommend using a microwave and hairdryer to warm up the phone in order to get rid of water!  You can seriously damage your device, and instead of doubtfully working speakers, you will receive a dead brick phone, not capable of recovery. Therefore, avoid these options, focusing on the alternatives described above.


In our article, we figured out what to do if water accidentally got into the speakers of your mobile phone. And what methods will help us get rid of moisture? The most effective and proven way is to place the phone in a jar of rice and leave it there for 1-2 days. If this does not help, we recommend contacting a service centre. Specialists will assess the damage and suggest steps to restore the functionality of your device.

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