Tips for Taking Your Dog Up a Mountain


Are you planning to go with your dog to the mountains? It is essential that you take into account certain tips. Take note of these guidelines.

Taking a walk in the mountains, enjoying the fresh air and the scenery is an unforgettable experience and a true adventure. But it becomes even more interesting when you take your dog with you. Having a pet means being able to enjoy exciting adventures with him, achieve a healthier lifestyle for both of you, and strengthen the bond. Your dog will adore visiting with you

For all these reasons, if you have thought about going with your dog to the mountains, you must take into account certain tips that we will show you below to prevent your best friend from getting hurt or tired.

Tips to go with your dog to the mountain

Visit the vet


Before going on a trip with your adventure partner, it is important to visit the vet. There they are likely to get a checkup and check their resistance levels. A dog that will make such an effort needs to have the necessary energy, be fit and healthy. Of course, you cannot miss vaccines.

Take preventive medications


A specialist will be able to inform you about those medications that you can take with you in case your dog has an accident, such as coming into contact with a poisonous plant or falling into a contaminated pond. It is also important to carry first aid items, such as bandages or pain creams.

Freshwater at all times


Dehydration can become quite a serious problem for your pet, especially while exercising. When you go with your dog to the mountain, you should make sure that it is always hydrated and give it water every approximately 30 minutes.

Research the place you will visit


It is typical for parks or trails to have their own rules. Many of these places do not accept pets; others accept them as long as they are on a leash. In this way, you will choose the right place, and you will avoid being disappointed that you are prevented from entering with your pet.

Be aware of your pet’s signs


Sometimes dogs are not used to such physical demands and can present certain symptoms that indicate that something is wrong. For example, excessive drooling, gasping, feeling weak, or trembling.

Avoid heat

First of all, it is advisable not to choose to go to the mountains in the middle of summer but to opt for a cooler time of year such as autumn. You should not walk during the hottest hours of the day, as the animal can suffer heat stroke.

How to groom my dog ​​before hiking?


It is advisable to start walking for about an hour and then monitor energy levels. If the hound is still active, it will be ready to increase the time on the next training walk. This way, you can improve your physical condition before the big adventure and make sure that you are ready.

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