The healthy habit of drinking water


Water is a fundamental part of nutrition and, therefore, to acquire a healthy life, it will be necessary for us to drink water daily as recommended by health agencies. Of course, building this habit is not an easy task. Above all, for certain age ranges, such as the child-youth population, which is usually reluctant to consume water and is inclined to sugary drinks, with all the health risks. In this sense, the idea is that consumption is habituated from early childhood.

Benefits of drinking water

Water is the main component of the human body; it is distributed throughout the body, in all organs, within and between cells. Each of our cells, tissues, and organs require it for proper functioning since water contributes to maintaining body temperature, lubricating joints, and eliminating waste. The consumption of water also favors the functions of the skin, coronary, respiratory, and brain.

How to know if we are drinking enough water?

The main sources of water loss from the body are urine and sweat.

The color and the amount of urine make it easy to detect whether the amount of water we intake is sufficient or not. Liquids dilute the yellow pigments in the urine, so the more you drink, the clearer the urine is. When you drink less, the urine becomes more concentrated.

Recommended quantities


Many times we ask ourselves how much will be indicated to contribute to our health? The Dietary Guidelines for the Argentine Population realize that it is always important to consume drinking water throughout the day.

It is not necessary to wait until you are thirsty to drink water.

Preventing dehydration means consuming a minimum of 2 / 2.5 liters of water daily. This equates to about 8 to 10 glasses.

Tips to generate the habit of drinking water

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We can incorporate various actions to achieve the habit of consuming water. It is essential to keep track of how much you have drunk per day so that this record can serve as a guide to reaching the recommended amounts. It is also important to increase consumption about twice a week as a goal to always keep in mind.

Drinking water as a family is a good option since young children will learn to incorporate this healthy habit, imitating their parents. Also, put a bottle with water in the children’s backpack, thus acquiring the healthy habit of consuming water wherever they are.

At lunch, dinner, or breakfast, always add a jug of water.

While we work, have a glass or bottle of water on the desk.

When doing physical activities, it is always important to drink water before, during, and after.

Whether in summer or winter, we sweat (to a greater or lesser extent), and it is important to remember that we need to rebuild water and minerals, even in activities like swimming where sweating goes unnoticed.

It doesn’t matter if the water you drink is from the tap, from a fountain or bottled mineral. In all cases, there is a benefit. When water consumption is increased by 1 to 3 more glasses a day, the reductions in the intake of calories, cholesterol, sodium, and sugar are considerable.

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