The Cost of a Trip to Australia


Have you been wondering how much a vacation to Australia costs? This article is here to help you to figure out the answer to this question.

The country of unparalleled beauty – There isn’t much to be said about Australia that is already a dream destination for everyone. An Australian vacay is always what you’ve wanted and is probably on your bucket list.

Yet, Australia is always known to be an expensive destination with high rise buildings, luxurious restaurants, expensive entry fees, and it keeps getting added up. Don’t let these things shatter your dreams of an Australian vacation. Getting lost in the vibrant glow of Sydney Harbour Bridge doesn’t have to be exorbitant.

However, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that you can visit Australia on a budget. It is going to be a little higher than Europe or South East, but it is worth it. Now, grab a pen and paper and skim through the article.

Typical Costs in Australia


Flights are the primary expenses when it comes to an international vacation. Plan your travel dates in such a way that they are weekdays and not weekends. It is generally cheaper during weekdays. I’d recommend you to book in advance to avail good deals.


Australia offers a wide range of accommodation from backpacker hostels to luxury hotels. Look out for the categories of budget hotels and value for money options. Generally, in cities like Melbourne or Sydney, the hotels are a little higher when compared to Brisbane or Cairns. Melbourne and Sydney are major tourist destinations due to its iconic landmarks and cheap international exit points. Hence, it is slightly expensive.

Instead of considering only boutique hotels, apartments are a pretty good alternative. The quality is still the same, but you will have a kitchenette for yourself to cook your food.

Location of accommodation is another important factor. For instance, properties in Sydney Darling Harbour or Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast are little costly being the most happening places for tourists. Like flights, it is better to book your stay in advance in the city centre because you need not spend extra for transportation once you reach Australia.

Hostels and Backpacker Lodges is an excellent choice if you are a solo traveller. Densely populated cities will be a little high-priced.


With a significant number of notable vineyards like Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley, the country is famous for its wines and beers. Australia is lively with pubs and bars around all lanes. If you are a fan of drinks, then look for pub crawls and backpacker bars to save money. They have cheaper drinks in the range of 4-5 AUD per pint.

Tours and Activities:

Before calculating the rough estimate of your vacation, the first thing you need to do is prioritize what you want to do on your vacation. Based on that, you can calculate the budget quickly. For instance, skydiving is expensive compared to river rafting. Similarly, skydiving in Cairns is cheaper than Sydney. Not only the price, but the inclusions also might differ for different activities. Thus, it is essential to understand to keep these things in mind when you plan. I’d say skydiving in Sydney is comparatively an unforgettable experience than Cairns. 

Book your activities in tours in advance to get availability; prices will always remain the same only. Day tours like wine tasting, Great Ocean Road tours, Daintree Rainforest tours can be found for 50-300 AUD. 


Take advantage of domestic flights when you travel from one city to another. It not just saves money but saves time also. Driving is a good option if your vacation is for a long duration. You can also save money in public transportation. In Melbourne, make use of the free city tram in the city centre which operates every 12 minutes. Now, I hope you’ve understood the perks of staying in the city centre. Train stations and bus stations are also easily accessible. 

A few guided tours and day trips also have hotel pickups from the city centre.

How much is a vacation to Australia?

Your vacation to Australia can cost a little or more. It depends on your requirements again. The bare minimum for Australia, including all expenses, will be somewhere between 1.8 to 2 lakhs per person for 10-12 days vacation. Having this estimate as a standard point, it will slightly go up if you are looking for luxurious accommodation and go down if you cook food in apartments. This budget doesn’t cover shopping or drinking expenses.

How to save money in Australia?

  • Cooking food can save a lot of money. The average cost of a meal per person is around Rs.1200. Apartments, hostels, AirBnbs have kitchens where you can cook meals. You can also make use of instant food packs like cup noodles or poha. 
  • Internet or wifi is expensive in Australia. Most of the accommodations in Cairns don’t come with free wifi. So look out for free wifi when you book your stay. 
  • Pub crawls are cheaper, be a part of one of the many crawls if you want to drink. 

Figuring out a travel budget is tricky and overwhelming. With the above pointers in mind, check out our Australia tour packages. To make your planning a cakewalk, Pickyourtrail with us. Happy travels!

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