10 Super Powers you need to know that Avalanche has


10 Seismokinesis

First and foremost let’s discuss the baseline of what avalanches powers are he is a mutant capable of Seismokinesis. The ability to generate seismic waves these waves or vibrations rather emit from his hands and can create highly destructive effects within not only the ground but also the air and in water as well. It affects nonliving organic objects not to be confused by organic tissue more on that later but can also damage in organic objects causing them to crumble shatter etc. It creates earthquake like disasters so you can cup a building if you want it.

9 Hand To Hand Combat 

Generally this is a given for most superheroes they know how to handle themselves when it comes to hand-to-hand combat and have likely spent a whole lot of time in training honing those skills. But Atlanta’s training comes from a unique place he was initially a skilled and experienced Greco-Roman wrestler Zachary Cara touch. In addition to that he received a whole lot of training and unarmed combat while he was at Freedom Force.

8 His weaknesses

This is a list about avalanches powers but let’s be frank here friends there isn’t enough hidden powers of avalanches to fill a top 10 list. So let’s talk about the flipside of that something that is honestly equally as fascinating his weakness. Avalanches abilities have no effect on organic tissue now we’ve seen samples of this one. Avalanche has used his powers on the likes of the Hulk who was left uninjured causing the resulting feedback to shatter the bones inside of avalanches arms.

7 Accelerated Healing 

Now to be honest her last number kind of covered that didn’t it avalanche has an accelerated healing factor to an extent not to the extent of a character like Wolverine but more so than the average human. He was able to heal the shattered bones in his arms over time and this is particularly useful considering that his vibrations won’t affect organic tissue. And when he uses those vibrations and they failed to affect said tissue. This causes feedback which can harm him but he’s got other precautions in place aside from you know healing real good. 

6 His Equipment 

Not all mutants are as well-rounded as Wolverine let’s just say that Avalanche is the perfect example of that because of the feedback. That his powers can because he wears body armor supplement that healing factor. A battle suit that comes with a helmet that gives him enhanced resistance to injury to the extent that. It has prevented him from being harmed by a landmine handy he also has access to team specific equipment. When he was on the export and the freedom force with the latter’s helicopter that he’d use for transportation.

5 Wave Walker 

The freedom for his helicopter was an avalanche his only form of transportation though he was able to use his powers to create waves in the ground that he could ride on. Lifting up earth matter that he just rides atop of he referred to these as ground tidal waves. Essentially he’d generate a seismic wave and then ride along it. It’s not the best mode of transportation though as you can imagine thinking about all the property damages. He gets slammed with if he used that all the time to get around Yanks.

4 Tsunamis 

We mentioned briefly earlier on our list that avalanches seismic Kinesis could be used to not only affect the earth and ground but also the air and water. Let’s take a look at the ladder their water Avalanche has been capable of using his seismic waves on water. You can watchonlinemovies and download your favorite one too. To create tidal waves real ones this time not ground ones he can affect very large bodies’ water and therefore has been assumed capable of creating a tsunami. If he’s so pleased that being said his powers have been proven to be more effective on the ground rather than in water since.

3 Finely Tuned 

When it comes to avalanches seismic wave generation we’ve been talking a lot about how destructive it can be. But it is not an out-of-control wave of demolition avalanches part by any means. He actually has fine-tuned his control over this power so that he can do feats like move large objects without damaging them. He’s done this with tanker trucks using his waves to lift them up and then toss them at foes in battle. He has enough precision that he can use his ability to throw his foes off balance by weakening the structural integrity of a building or the ground itself.

2 Selective Invulnerability

Avalanche depicts an invulnerability to the effects of his own vibrations generating them within his vicinity does not affect him. He could stand in the midst of an earthquake he was creating and remain unharmed. But it is not perfect and vulnerability because of his vibrations were somehow turned around or redirected at him by another source he himself would be injured by them.

1 Direct Vibrations 

Avalanche can direct his vibrations what that means is that the mutant doesn’t need to physically touch an object or an area to affect it. He can direct his vibrations to move against that object or area from a distance. He also has some precision with this being able to direct them against large structures or objects like buildings or across large chunks of the earth itself. Which can create earthquakes or avalanches within specific limited areas of his choosing. So if he’s like I just want to cause an earthquake in this one section BAM he can do it with enough concentration. He could direct his powers to Earth’s tectonic plates which could potentially cause a major large-scale damage.

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