Pre-Travel Checklist: 6 important things you must do before you travel abroad!

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There is a strong statement, which every single traveler should follow and must make it their travel mantra: “Good travel is the result of good planning”. This should be applying to every trip that you take, but it is extremely essential thing when you are on an international trip and traveling to an exotic location for your upcoming excursion.

When you are traveling abroad, there are several things and traveling tips that you will need to know and remember while traveling to make your trip a hassle-free. So, checkout the following list of things you must do before you travel abroad to make your vacation easy and impeccable.

1. Your passport must be up-to-date

Most of the countries require that your passport should be valid for at least six months after entering an overseas nation. So, if its expiration date is coming near, you must renew your passport before going for your future foreign expedition.

Generally, it takes six weeks’ time duration for the passport application to be processed. Always carry more than one copy of your passport with you, while traveling abroad. Even leave a copy of the passport with your trustable person.

2. Get your necessary visas

Along with this, you should have proper visas regarding the destination country where you are traveling. Visa requirements differ for every nation. So before traveling abroad do some research work and try to find that the country you are traveling actually requires a travel permitand other related documents or not. If yes, then what type of visa will you require?

60% of the world’s nations need specific visas for any length of stay, most of them are a regular visitor’s visa. However, there are also student visas for studying purpose and work visas for job-related things. Keep a copy of your visas with you.

3. Buy health and travel insurance

Before flying to a foreign country, you must have proper health security, baggage protection, or travel insurance. There is a multiplicity of health and travel insurance plans and other related options, but these all insurance plansand policies generally cover emergency medical coverage, evacuation, lost baggage coverage, and excursioninterruption and cancellation insurance coverage.

Insurance plans and policies differ from provider to provider, so first do some researches and then buy the best health and travel insurance that suits your international trip.

4. Always carry a survival kit

Survival kit over here means a kit having all the small necessary things like:

  • Your medicines
  • Neosporin
  • Bandaids
  • Ibuprofen
  • Earplugs
  • Eye mask
  • Sleep aid
  • Headphones
  • Prescription medications
  • Hand sanitizer

5. Visit the Doctor and get vaccinated

It is always a good idea to visit your doctor and get a complete medical check-up before going on any international trip. You must make sure that you are physically fit and if you are having any health issue you should have proper medical prescriptions and related medicines.

Always keep this in mind that you should get certain vaccinations depending on which particular country you are traveling to.

6. Locale research

Before traveling to your vacation destination, do some researches about that place and try to grab as much as the knowledge you can related to that locale. 

Also, try to learn some key phrases in the destination’s local language that will help you in communicating with the native of that particular area.

Always remember that a little effort goes a long way! With the above discussed essential-travel checklist and tips for an international trip, you can make sure that in future your excursion to a foreign country will be a safe, easy, and pleasant one!

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