Playing video games can help you in various ways


You probably look at online community games as a waste of time most of the time, or a lot of people do so anyway. They waste energy that can be used for other things, such as reading or enjoying time outdoors. You should get out of your time playing video games though, there are important things.

Yeah, if your video game playing delays you from caring for your family, stops your children from doing their homework, or affects your home’s quality and safety, then it could be a bad thing. But if you track your time, and the time of your kids playing games, both of you will get something positive out of the gameplay.

Build thinking skills

Whether you’re playing online community games on a gaming console, on your computer, or just playing on your smartphone or tablet one of your favorite Android games, you’re developing your critical thinking skills. You need to decide which door to open, which corridor to go down and which zombies to stop and kill. Such critical thinking skills can be of assistance in the real world.

You’re going to hear more about battle or flight. And, you’ll even learn more about why thought, before you act, is sometimes necessary, and why you need to act sometimes because there’s no time to think.

Increase eye-hand coordination

If you play games with a wand or controller on a console or even use a wand while playing on your computer, you develop your hand-eye coordination extremely. However, even simply pressing letters and arrow keys on a computer keyboard can help with hand-eye coordination

Improves social skills

Previous studies involving children found that those who played more online community games were more likely to have strong social skills, better academic results, and better relationships with other students due to the social and competitive aspect of certain types of online community games. 

Creates problem-solving skill

Open-world, mission-based, and multi-level games are conceived as complex puzzles that take several hours to resolve. Occasionally the solution varies according to your game actions. Having to think on your feet and strategize in an atmosphere of fast-paced imagination is an ability that can translate into the real world. A long-term study published in 2013 showed that the next school year showed an improvement in problem-solving skills for children who played strategy-based games — and thus tended to get better grades.

Develops creativity

Making a video game clip on Rcade is an art form. That being said, playing video games can inspire creativity just like other forms of art. Although some may argue that some video games encourage people to treat women badly and some may even inspire people to injure others, they too might inspire people to become musicians, authors, film producers, and more.Due to their love for video games, even musicians and songwriters were inspired to create songs. Let your love of inspiring video games support. Perhaps this will make you a sketch artist, a sculptor, or a painter. As for individual imagination, the sky is the limit. The biggest reason you can be good at playing video games and post it on Rcade is that they’re just fun.

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