Is Water Purifier Bad For Health?


Gone are the days when you can drink water without fear of contamination from any source. The quality of water in lakes, oceans, rivers, and even the groundwater of some areas is not as pure as it should be. The problem is that water is a universal solvent. This property makes it susceptible to pollution.

What is water pollution?

Water pollution refers to a situation where fresh water in water bodies deemed suitable for drinking is contaminated with harmful substances, including chemicals and microorganisms. The presence of these deteriorates the quality of water and makes it toxic for human consumption. There are many causes of water pollution, some common causes include

  • Disposal of industrial waste in water due to lack of proper waste management system. This can lead to eutrophication which refers to a condition where toxic chemicals change the color, content, and temperature of water causing a threat to water as well as humans.
  • Leakage in sewage pipe
  • Mining activities
  • Excess use of pesticides and fertilizers for agriculture which contaminate ground water and others.

Water Purifiers and What Do They Do?

Many best water purifiers in India differ in size, capacity, and technique for purifying water. One of the most common procedures is reverse osmosis. The water to be purified using this process is called RO water. The purpose of this process is to remove organic solvents dissolved in water by passing them through a semi-permeable membrane. The domestic water that is used is pressurized through the membrane. This process removes the elements and minerals present in the water that contaminate the water, such as lead, chlorine, fluoride, nitrates and sulfates, chloramine, pesticides, etc. that make the water drinkable. However, it is important to note that water contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, etc., which is good for health. These are all good ingredients that provide health benefits. The filtration process also removes these minerals. It is estimated that 92-99% of these minerals are also extracted in the water purification unit.

Mineral Loss and Implications

Taking pure water is important to live a healthy life, it is important to consider whether the loss of minerals is good or bad for health. The World Health Organization has stated that RO or pure water which lacks essential minerals is not ideal drinking water.

Further studies show that when you consume water that does not contain essential minerals, your body receives those minerals that are absorbed by the fruits and vegetables you consume. That is, the minerals consumed in the food, as well as the vitamins present in the food, go away. This can cause serious health problems.

Scientific Study

A scientific study that was done to confirm that if the minerals lost from food could be replenished by the use of a mineral-rich diet, it was found to be of no use.

RO water which is low in minerals and responsible for the increased elimination of minerals is an option only for those areas in which you cannot be assured of safe drinking water. When there is no water concern or problem. The question is, do you need RO water?

Benefits Of Using RO Water Purifier

While it is not recommended to drink non-purified water as it is not good for health, we should always intake purified water. This keeps us away from many infected water-borne diseases and keeps our body healthy. Below are the benefits of drinking RO purified water.

Cutting Down The Probabilities Of Water-Borne Diseases To A Large Extent– RO water purifiers successfully remove metal particles like Fluoride, Arsenic, and Lead along with dissolved solids. This makes RO purifiers capable of removing disease-causing microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, etc and helps you steer clear of water-borne diseases like dysentery, cholera, typhoid, etc.

Easy To Maintain– The water purifiers are easy to maintain. Along with being very safe, RO water purifiers are relatively cheap and their maintenance is easy due to long-lasting filter and manageable size. This makes it perfect for the domestic set up.

Improves The Taste And Smell Of Drinking Water– RO Water purifiers remove hard chemicals and chlorine from the water, hence refining its taste and odor for safe consumption. This makes for healthy and safe water consumption for infants, pregnant ladies, ill family members, and the elderly.

Eco-Friendly– When our environment is suffering due to our negligence, it becomes our responsibility to make eco-friendly choices, and using an RO system is a step in the right direction because it has practically no possibility of creating harmful chemicals.

Removes Toxins From The Drinking Water– RO Purifiers have successfully managed to remove toxins such as lead, mercury, chlorine, arsenic, and fluoride which can cause brain damage and lowering the level of bodily immunity.

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