Is It Possible To Clean Your House in 2 Hours or Less?


Let’s accept the fact that nobody likes to do cleaning, but wants the surrounding neat and clean. It can take lots of time deep clean or sanitize a house. But if you just want to maintain hygiene then it is possible to do it in less than 2 hours. To deep clean your house you can call the home deep cleaning professionals or home sanitizing service providers. They can clean, sanitize or disinfect your house according to your requirements. But, if you will ask about cleaning your house by yourself in less than 2 hours so yes, it is possible. Just it requires discipline and dedication. You will have to make cleaning strategy in order to clean your home fast.

Here is the 2 hours cleaning plan, which you need to follow to get your home cleaned in 2 hours.

Declutter (5 minutes)

You should declutter the home as fast as you can. To clean your room, you first have to remove the things that are unnecessarily lying here and there in the rooms. Go through each room and pick up the things like magazines, newspaper, toys, etc. and put them back to their respective places. This way you will clear your way to clean the room without any disturbance.

Strip the bedsheets and put them into the washer (10 minutes)

Cleaning your bedsheet is important, because this way the dust will fall down on the floor which you can clean later. After putting the bedsheets into the washing machine you can continue cleaning the rest of the places as the cloths will take a few minutes to get washed.

Dusting (10 minutes)

You can do it room-by-room. Take a clean cloth and start dusting the furniture, chairs, table, etc. But do not spend too much time in dusting.

Clean windowsills (10 minutes)

Next, you should wipe down the windowsills and windows. And also do it in the same manner room-by-room.

Wipe away the mess (10 minutes)

Start wiping away the mess from each room. If you will do it one by one room then you will not be get overwhelmed and distracted.

Do the dishes (15 minutes)

Before vacuuming and cleaning the floors, do your dishes. And do not forget to clean the sink after washing the dishes.

Clean your kitchen (5 minutes)

You shouldn’t take too much time to clean the counter, cabinets and stovetops.

Clean your bathroom (10 Minutes)

The best way to save time on cleaning bathroom is to clean the shower and sink just before taking the shower, this way you don’t have to add this into your 2 hours cleaning strategy and you can save your time. Try to clean the cabinets and other things in bathroom in just 5 minutes.

Clean mirrors (5 Minutes)

To wipe down your mirrors you can use window vacuum cleaners. This way you can efficiently clean the mirrors in a few minutes.

Vacuum (20 minutes)

Try to vacuum your entire house in just one go.  You will be easily vacuum the house without get distracted. And this would hardly take 15-20 minutes to vacuum the entire house.

Mop (10 minutes)

Now, when you are done with every other things, mop the floors and it will take 10 minute to mop the floors of the entire house.

Make the bed (10 minutes)

Now, as everything has done you can make your bed to sit and relax.

So, this is your 2 hours house cleaning plan. If you will follow this strictly then you can easily clean the entire house in just 2 hours. And if you want to get your home cleaned, sanitized or disinfect then you should hire home sanitizing service providers.

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