How to Stop Being Shy?

how to stop being shy

Everyone with a fear of communicating with other people at least once wondered: how to overcome shyness and excessive modesty? The most important thing here is to pull yourself together and be ready to the fight with yourself.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the approach to the problem. Ask yourself: does shyness in my daily life bother me? Sometimes people want to get rid of this quality not because it really bothers them, but because they think so. You should clearly see the line between excessive shyness and modesty. Modesty is the ability to behave decently and intelligently in the right situations. If you still understand that you need help, then the following points will be useful to you.

Online communication

The first step is, obviously, having various conversations in free chat applications on the Internet. It sounds corny, but many people are simply not even capable of this small feat. If it is difficult for you to immediately switch to open communication with people on social networks, you can try creating anonymous profiles. You will not reveal your personality, but you will receive, although a small, but still communication skill. It is a good idea to sign up in NEEO Messenger, for example.

Practice makes perfect

It is very important to consider this subparagraph before moving on to the next tip. There is no limit to perfection, so self-development and improvement of the ability to formulate your thoughts will be a good idea. Work hard on your speech, because often people are afraid of communication because of the inability to express their thoughts out loud. Also, you must remember that there is no mistaken opinion. Do not be afraid to speak, even if your point of view is different from others. The inner world of each person is unique, so it is normal to stand out from others.

Make calls

Once you have begun to make progress in communicating online, you can move on to the next point. It is difficult to communicate with people right away, so for a start it is worth trying communication by phone. People with whom you started communicating on social networks or on anonymous sites can help you with this. A simple phone exchange and conversation for 3 minutes every day will greatly improve your ability to formulate thoughts.

Hobbies are a great communicative tool

A hobby is your first step in real communication with new people. Each section or course involves communication, if not with a group of people, then at least with your teacher or instructor.

Leave your comfort zone

What does not kill us makes us stronger, so do not be afraid to take crazy and completely atypical steps for you. Of course, this is not about a bank robbery or a walk along the edge of a tall building, but about things that previously seemed impossible for you because of the shackles of shyness. Come to people on the street and wish them a pleasant day, ask passersby questions, even if you know the answers, make new friends. We are all human, and we tend to make mistakes, so you should not be afraid of this, since it is from mistakes that we learn.

Ask for help

Do not forget to ask your friends and relatives for help. They can also help you in this fight in a variety of ways and one of such original ways can be disputes. Naturally, they should not harm you or your friends, but they can significantly help you achieve your goals. Disputes give us an incentive to do what we were once even afraid of.

The main advice

The main thing is not to give up if something goes wrong. Take a deep breath and keep fighting. Do not worry about what people think about you, because you see many of them for the first and last time. Your life is in your hands, and you must live it as you want, not others. Good luck!

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