Discussion About An Actor And Comedian: Kevin Hart And His Net Worth

Kevin Hart

Introduction to Acting Kevin Hart

Acting is an activity of telling a story about anything or anyone perform by an actor or actress. It is performed on platform like television, theater or any other medium. It includes skills, well developed imagination, emotional facility and physical expressions.

The first actor was of Greek known as Thespis lived in Icaria. He first performed in a theater of acting for someone’s character.

Introduction to Comedy

Comedy is a fiction’s genre of inducing laughter in front of people in the theater or on television screen like dramas, films etc. It is basically for the stressed people or who are in sad mood to boost or fresh their minds by inducing laughter and to turn their minds.

It was first founded as performing in a theater as a stand-up comedy. It was first performed in Greek theater in a dramatic way in front of people and audience liked this kind of performance.

Different kinds of comedy including Screwball comedy which derives its humors surprising situations or characters from bizarre, another one is black comedy which impacts darker behavior or nature of human. It was the particular part of society in ancient times.

If we have to discuss about career of an actor and comedian, we may discuss about Kevin Hart’s achievements and his net worth earning through his career.

 Kevin Hart’s Career

  • Kevin Hart is an American actor and comedian lives in Philadelphia. His famous films are ‘Scary Movie 3’, ‘Little Fockers’, ‘Soul Plane’ and ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’.
  • He started his career in comedy by doing a stand-up comedy in his first album ‘I am Grown, Little Man’.

Career History

  • After completion of his studies, he started his career in comedy as ABC hired him for their sitcom ‘The Big House’.
  • He appeared in a show ‘The Outlandish Storyline’ which was later cancelled after six episodes as it was not giving result.
  • In 2006, he released his first album ‘I am Little Grown Man’ in which he did stand-up comedy and this album made him one of the popular comedian in the world.
  • He also released his second stand-up comedian album and this album also enhanced his career.
  • Hart started his tour ‘Laugh At My Pain’ in 2011 which gave him a breakthrough to his career and turned him into a star. This was displayed in more than 90 cities and made a gross of near about $15 million at that time.
  • Hart also performed in many movies such as ‘Paper Soldier’ in 2002, ‘The 40-year Old Virgin’ in 2004, ‘Ride Along’ in 2014 and many more.
  • He also hosted an MTV show in 2012 and after that, he was cast in an ABC comedy show ‘Modern Family’ in the following year. He also did series and the famous one is ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood and Workaholics’.

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Net Worth

The current net worth of Kevin Hart is $200 million which he earned through his career by being a great actor and comedian.

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