Coronavirus: tips to care and entertain your pet during isolation

Coronavirus tips

How should you care for and entertain your pet during isolation? Here we give you some practical advice, take note of them.

During quarantine, families, and pets must remain at home throughout the day, disrupting the general routine. But everyone needs to stay entertained and do physical exercise. Experts recommend that owners of dogs and cats take advantage of free time to do activities that are beneficial for animals and also for humans.

How to care for cats and dogs during confinement?

Coronavirus: tips to care and entertain your pet during isolation

Animals generally consume less energy when they do not leave the house, so it is necessary to regulate their diet so that they do not gain weight. But it is not good to reduce pet food substantially because if they are hungry, they will feel nervous.

The best thing is only to provide the most nutritious food. You can mix the normal feed with a light feed or give it a food more abundant in fibers. If the dog or cat is prone to obesity, it is advisable to reduce its ration from 5 to 10%.

Avoid giving your pet homemade food and suspend treats or goodies for a while. To reduce your dog’s anxiety, you can give him a gnawing bone or a chewy toy.

Games to keep pets healthy:

If dogs and cats do not leave the house, it is necessary to play with them for exercise. By doing so, humans will also stay active, and this will be beneficial to both of us.

Veterinarians recommend practising scent games with dogs, which helps them exercise their sense of smell. These games force the dogs to concentrate, entertain them, and keep them active. To do this, you can hide objects throughout the house and encourage your dog to find them. For example, you are hiding food that he especially likes, with clues of small bites, which will lead him to the meeting with the prize.

In the same way, you can take advantage of these days to train your pet and teach him some skills, such as pawning or playing dead. It is enough that you explain and show your dog how to do it and that you reward him when he performs the action.

Care for the right image:

Coronavirus: tips to care and entertain your pet during isolation

A good idea to take advantage of quarantine days to take care of the appearance and health of dogs and cats . Give them long baths, cut their hair, nails, and give them a relaxing massage. This will calm not only the animals, but also you.

These days, it is convenient to take short walks, but which require large energy expenditure. Run and jump with your dog, make him do tricks, and have fun with him.

Tell us about the activities you do with your dog in quarantine so that we all have more ideas to do with our pets. Share and encourage your friends to care for their pets during these days of quarantine for the Covid-19. Stay at home and stay safe and avoid public interaction as much as possible.

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