Visit Sharjah Aquarium – A Hidden Gem You Must Visit

sharjah Maritime Museum

The Sharjah city is the third largest and third most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. It forms a  part of the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area. Sharjah is known for its symbolic culture, the intellectual aspect, the revolution in architecture in the UAE. Sharjah is known as a patron of cultural values, fine arts, and heritage. Thus, it got its tag – The cultural capital of the Arab world for creating a cultural identity and harmonizing its Islamic roots. What makes Sharjah unique is, the living expense is affordable compared to Dubai, and because of this fact, it is now favored heavily by international and local tourists. 

In this article, it talks about one of the most desired tourist destination in Sharjah – The Sharjah Aquarium.

Sharjah Aquarium is the best way to get to know about the marine life of the Arab gulf. A beautiful idea maintained by the beautiful decor. It can be called as a perfect hangout spot for its cleanliness, order, organization. Sharjah Aquarium tickets are easily available to buy online. You will also get a free entry to the Maritime Museum nearby when you buy the Sharjah Aquarium tickets. The Sharjah Maritime Museum displaying relics of Sharjah’s ancient seafaring times as well as beautiful scale models of dhows. It is managed by the tourism department of Sharjah Government.

How to reach Sharjah Aquarium? 

The best way is to take a Dubai ferry from Al Ghubaiba Marine station. The ferry will cost 15 AED per person. Once you reach there you can buy tickets which costs 15 AED for children and 35 AED for Adults. The ticket is free for senior citizens. For enhancing your visit and experience, it is always advised that you have to take the assistance of a guide who can explain in and out very well. The Sharjah Maritime Museum is only 2 minutes’ walk away. You can also buy Museum tickets separate for 20 AED.

Why you should visit Sharjah Aquarium? 

There are multiple reasons: 

  1. It is kid-friendly, your kids will love the experience
  2. It is not much crowded even during peak hours owing to its vast area 
  3. A perfect relaxing yet enjoyable experience for the senior citizens 
  4. The comfort of Kids and Senior Citizens guarantee a wonderful family experience
  5. The tickets are Cheap 
  6. It is Wheelchair accessible for the advantage of differently-abled people. 

What you can expect here?

  1. Education awareness programs giving importance to preserving marine attractions
  2. Perfect place to realize the importance of mangrove forests
  3. The adverse effects of overfishing on Marine Life 
  4. Importance of Shark conservation
  5. Early fishing heritage
  6. Marine pollution and the impact of single-use plastic. 

The lessons from here will be a boost to your kids to understand the importance of being responsible for the marine environment. Also, as adults, how much you have contributed to the pollution.

Various Marine species you can find here

  • Clownfish
  • Seahorses
  • Moray eels.
  • Sea rays sharks
  • Black-spot snappers
  • Indian scad
  • Pearly goatfish
  • Sea Turtles
  • Catfish and many more

The presence of a beach, fountain, free playing ground, and a theatre makes it more attractive to the family audience to spend a weekend evening. Even though the Sharjah Aquarium is less popular than the ones you can find in The Dubai Mall and Atlantic Hotel, the Sharjah Aquarium is olden that the latter two. It has the usual tropes any tourist can expect: with a glass tunnel, galleries depicting beautiful jellyfish, seahorses, and sharks too. There is also a cafe nearby that has outdoor seating with stunning views of Sharjah city.

Best time to Visit Sharjah Aquarium

In the summer, it is recommended that you visit the place by evening, and spend 2-3 hours so that you can conclude the trip with a sunset.

With a visit to Sharjah Aquarium, you can enter into the fascinating realm of the deep sea.

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