The world is becoming even more competitive with time. One must either follow the trend current or get washed away. The healthcare centre now requires a marketing strategy in other to function well. A healthcare marketing strategy is a well-structured series of activities used to drive a particular result by excellent execution. In order for the goals of a health organisation to be achieved, tangible and efficient steps must be correctly followed. It is this marketing strategy that compiles the steps to be taken. 

Rushing a marketing plan does not produce good results. It must be first laid out, accepted by the stakeholders and executed as planned. It should be efficient enough to help your company grow and become better with time. 

Clients today need to be able to trust an organisation before employing their services. They go through considerable trouble to check the organisation’s goals and how much input is being placed towards the achievement of the goals. You must give them a step-by-step plan, something that is transparent enough to allow them to track alongside the organisation.  


What better time to commence that new strategy than the new year? If you are starting your healthcare plan from scratch, then it’s going to consume a lot of time and energy, and require good focus. But we promise you, the results will be worth the effort.

  • Re-assess your current Plan

One very effective way to move forward is first to process your past, fish out your mistakes and learn from them. If you already have an existing plan, chances are you want something better. By going through your current plan, you get to see the changes you need to make. Gauge the company’s current position concerning the position you want to attain. No matter how outdated the former plan might seem, there may be few things you can salvage from it.

  • Use your Google business listing

Google My Business is an efficient tool for a good marketing strategy. Google is one of the major sources which your clients can use to find you. It is no longer enough just to exist. Nobody is going to come under your shell to find you. You must make yourself available and easily seen. By claiming your business listing on Google, you are increasing your chances of being located. It allows you to add pictures of your organisation, display your practice, and show hours of operation, all in your customisation.  

  • Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is still very effective. With over 500 million users, imagine the exposure your business can get if properly structured. Learn how to structure your profile on LinkedIn as your profile is the face of your business. It is an attention grabber and helps people to find you, and it can make or mar you. Professionals that are into healthcare marketing in London will always advise you to go all-in with LinkedIn. 


Onto the second month of the year, we are going more in-depth on some web-related strategies that can help enlarge your business in a shockingly, short time.

  • Build a mobile website

Is there really a top, successful and leading business today without a website? Your website is the address your clients visit when they are trying to find out things about you. If there is no platform for you to communicate with your clients, you cannot be trusted. Put out a professional website that is high up there in the Google ranking list and watch your business expand massively.

  • Monitor your online presence

Bad news spreads like wildfire. You cannot afford to stay offline and allow one disappointing review from a customer ruin your company’s name. People will always have bad things to say, but if there is nobody to handle the news professionally, everyone will sooner or later believe that the service is truly bad. Whether it is by scanning your comment section or using Google alert to make sure you do not miss a name mention, stay on top of your game.

  • Mind what you say online

Be very careful of the way you respond, or the things you put out. Remember, the internet never forgets.


By this month you should be reaping good rewards for your efforts. This does not imply that you should relax and take a vacation. Instead, press harder, do better.

  • Customer Service training

This sector of your business is one of the most critical sectors. Imagine walking into an organisation and get treated badly by the customer service, you will certainly make a mental note to never return if you can help it. Before they can talk to you, customers meet the customer service representative. Ensure that they are well trained. Treat them well, and let them understand their value to you; they will, in turn, treat your customers well.

  • Comment Response

Respond boldly to comments, good or bad. Just make sure it is done professionally. Take your time to read and respond appropriately.

  • Backlinks and SEO

With the use of SEO, you can get your company ranking high for locally searched terms. The more backlinks your site has, the better and higher it will rank. Get professional knowledge on how to create compelling content for your website, back that up with good SEO practices and you will be leading in no time.

After every month, review your activities for the previous month. See how many milestones you were able to cover, restructure and get back even better. 

At DubSEO healthcare marketing agency, we help bring your marketing strategy to a reality. Contact us today, and we will be at your service.

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