Reasons you need to Visit Albufeira in Portugal for Holiday

Albufeira is one of the busiest cities in Algarve and a lively holiday resort for people traveling to Portugal for pleasure and business. There are beautiful villas in Albufeira, beaches, a nice climate and a wide range of restaurants to make your holiday awesome. The city, which is located 46 km west of Faro, is a real enjoyment hub, and a perfect holiday destination for you.

There, you can not only dance your night away in cool clubs but can also drink delicious cocktails with loved ones on their beautiful beaches until it gets light again in the early morning.

By the British and the Americans are the following, where you will find bars, discotheques, and pubs to drink cold beer.

  • Praia da Oura
  • Praia da Rocha Baixinha
  • Praia de Santa Eulália
  • Praia de São Rafael
  • Praia do Castelo
  • Praia do Evaristo
  • Praia do Inatel
  • Praia do Túnel
  • Praia dos Alemães
  • Praia dos Arrifes
  • Praia dos Olhos de Água

If you are traveling with your family, you can get to know over 15 beaches in Albufeira during your holiday. The beaches have their peculiarity and some are more beautiful than others.

Beaches such as Praia dos Pescadores, Praia dos Alemães and Praia da Oura are often visited by families and tourists every day.

In addition to beach chairs and gastronomic offers, you will also find sanitary facilities. In addition, a lifeguard watches over the well-being of the guests.

Albufeira Temperature

Speaking of having some refreshments, Albufeira is a place to be because of its warm temperatures all year round.

In the summer, between June and October, the temperature is about 30 °C. The water of the blue Atlantic Ocean with its 20 °C always cools down.

During summer, tourists from different parts of the world do visit Albufeira and patronize over 180 hotels in this city.

Things you can do in Albufeira

In  Albufeira, you’ll see beautiful alleys, enjoy delicious fish in their bars, and restaurants. Fishing is a common profession and activity in the time past, and it’s still popular to date. Other activities you’ll enjoy there are deep-sea fishing, dolphin watching trips, stand up paddling, or even surfing. You will also find a golf course, a marina, children’s theme parks, and endless shopping opportunities. Although Albufeira does not have historically significant buildings, it is still worth exploring the city on a stroll.

It is important to know that, If you travel there with a rented car, you will have to park it on one of the parking places at the edge of the city – Albufeira is a car-free zone!

Apart from the typical Portuguese houses with their tiles, several churches, which you should definitely also visit, the symbol of the city, the clock tower, the remains of the ruined castle, and the archaeological museum, the Museu Municipal De Arqueologia, are waiting to be discovered by you!

Life in Outskirt of Albufeira

The best way to explore the area around Albufeira is to go with an air-conditioned car. The landscape changes immensely as soon as you head inland. Here you will find small farming villages surrounded by almond, fig, and orange trees. The castle of Paderne, which is located about 12 km north of Albufeira, is also worth visiting.

It is situated on a hill, which gives you a sensational view. Especially lovers of architecture, they will find every minute spent worthwhile as the castle has different architectural styles.

It was built in the 12th century by the Berbers, a North African people.


One thing is certain – the lovely beaches, the rugged cliffs, the Portuguese lightness, and the great climate would make Albufeira a real holiday resort for you.

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