What Are The Significant Pillars of Financial Management


Financial management is a function which, when one master, we can say that much about the whole life has been mastered.

Money revolves around this world and knowing well as to how to earn this money in colossal quantity is a lucky game.

Managing one’s finance is not a game of luck wherein people can whisk away any amount of money from the capital market.

It’s a learned game filled with principles and protocols to comply with and adhere to.

The principles and protocols assist ineffective manner of making and managing money accompanied by less probability of losses.

Financial management is not without inherent risks and taking care of this risk is the skill of any person to acquire.

Risks can be in many forms like recession, inflation, business startups losing business, client backing out of a deal, anything that would adversely affect the worth of the stock.

And thus taking care of all the elements of financial and wealth management in a wholesome manner requires three pillars of financial management.


Three Keys to Effective Financial Planning are mentioned below:


The importance of savings is often underestimated. One must first save around 20% of one’s income and then spend the rest of it.

Cultivating good savings habits will lead to very sound financial money of a person.

Good savings can lead to the creation of an emergency fund in times of any emergency.

Additionally, these savings will also act as a hedge at the time of one incurring any loss in the stock market.

The presence of a much-accumulated amount as savings will act as a breather in times of bad losses.


If a person is serious about making money and wealth, then this topic of investment cannot be done without.

Making sound investments with the saved amount can only lead to supernormal returns.

As different investments accommodate different types of returns, and this accumulated over some time will lead to good wealth creation.

Investing in the capital markets is a game, and the chances for the incurrence of any loss are present for a new person.

So financially educating oneself to invest and not incur any losses rightly is very important.

Otherwise making use of professionals like stockbrokers who possess knowledge and state of the art tools to master the capital markets can be in use.

Professionals take care of one’s investments and give in forth good returns over time, without any losses.

Fund houses for such services only take some fees in percentage as brokerage, and this amount would be better than any amount of loss than one might earn due to bad investing.

Additionally learning about the principles of investing, reading famous books or even taking any short term courses in valuation can also lead to sound investing.

Learning as to how to read financial statements, make valuations of a company or its stock or even.


The art of diversification states that all investments made should not be of the same type; instead, it must be diversified.

There is power in diversification in terms of sectors and industry verticals.

At a point of time, not every sector or industry might be in red. Some other industry stock might be leading in green for a reasonable price.

So, this strategy of holding investments and assets in various forms will only lead to risk hedging and negating.

There is this famous adage that doesn’t put all your eggs in one basket by Miguel Cervantes.

This shows that investing just in one or two industries or assets like an only stock can lead to a downfall at times of any recession.

So, some funds must come into practice in vehicles like properties, gold, other precious metals, cryptocurrency, It will lead to a well-diversified portfolio, easy to handle with nil scope for losses.

Sometimes, your situation may require you to borrow some amount of money in the form of doorstep loans.

And these loans are provided by online lenders wherein the agents of the lender would visit the residences of the borrower to complete all loan formalities.

In this realm, the process of hedging is worth mentioning.

Hedging is a set of strategies to combat any risk and yet make more than average profits on the investments.

Mostly this process of hedging is done by finance professionals taking care of one’s funds as they are trained for the same.

A typical person’s knowledge of the ways of hedging is meagre for any implementation.

This process can also be termed as risk minimization or risk mitigation.

Additionally, quick loans can take to gain the loan amount directly into the bank account of the borrower the very same day.

Formalities for such loans are not elaborate, and a detailed credit check is done without to speed the loan application process.

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