Meet Your Cooling Needs This Summer With Right Selection of Fans


Everyone deserves a reliable and efficient way to stay cool and comfortable during the summer months when the temperature boils outside. At times, everyone can’t install an air conditioner at their house. Possibly, you don’t spend most of your time at home to justify the installation, or you live in a rented home where the installation of AC is not allowed. Plus, the installation of AC is quite expensive. So, if you live in a high humid or extreme temperature environment and want an affordable cooling solution this summer, fans can wonder for you. The market of fans is very drenched than ever before, and it is extremely important to choose the right fans for your needs. Plus, compare the Sujata, Bajaj, USHA, Havells, Crompton and Orient fan price in India before buying to find the economical deals to save money.          

Different Types of Fans

  • Tower Fans – Tower fans are the ideal choice for rooms with limited space. It has a narrow construction or design and capable of delivering strong airflow. It runs smoothly without causing too much noise, which is why many people use it as their cooling solutions. The tower fans come with many features like air purifying capabilities and timers. 
  • Desk Fans – Desk fans or table fans are the compact cooling solution for faster cooling off from the heat. Position the fan on a flat surface and enjoy fresh and cool airflow. Since it is positioned close to your face, you would get direct cooling effects. It runs at high speed and causes too much noise. 
  • Pedestal Fans – The pedestal fans come with large blades inside the protective grills, and it sits on a metal or plastic stand. The pedestal fans come with height adjusting function, and this makes it suitable for different applications. Since it has larger blades, it can deliver air around larger rooms. 
  • Ceiling Fans – This is the traditional fan that can cool the entire room and offer an affordable alternative to split AC. Since it is suspended from the ceiling, you are not required to worry about any hindrance.       

Features to Look for While Buying a Fan

  • Oscillating Head – The fans with oscillating airflow usually offer efficiently cooling to larger spaces, and it works consistently to cool down the room. This feature is quite beneficial when there are multiple people in the room. 
  • Timer – The modern-day fans come with a digital timer that allows the users to run the fan for a specific period. It automatically stops when it reaches the set period. You can set a timer for 24 hours or activate the sleep timer program to switch off the fan automatically at night while you are snoozing. 
  • Remote Controller – The modern fans come with a remote controller, which is great for your bedroom applications. With the remote controller, you can operate the functions of the fans without having to leave your bed or couch to switch on or off the fan. 

Looking for the Power Consumption of Fans

The fans’ power consumption is determined by the available speed settings, size, and type of fan motor. It is always suggested that you consider the size of the room before choosing the right fan. Because of the oscillating functions and height adjustability, the pedestal fans are best for bedroom applications. The tower fans are best when used in medium to large living rooms. Because of its slim profile, it can be placed easily anywhere in the corner or against the walls for faster cooling. 

When buying ceiling fans, you need to check the fan’s cubic feet per minute airflow output. You have to calculate the amount of air ceiling fan can deliver when moving. 


Well, these were some of the aspects that you have to keep in mind when choosing a fan for your house or office. You must check online to review all fan brands and choose the right model based on the reviews. Besides, the price is another important factor to consider, and you need to compare the price of all models and brands before buying. Comparison of Orient, Bajaj, Havells, USHA and Sujata ceiling fan price list online would help you to grab the economical deals and save money at the same time.        

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