Man and van Shoreditch – 6 Questions you should ask


During relocation, there are many thoughts that messed up your mind. You have a doubt that the people who will come to help you in a process will not handle it properly. They may break something and may not tell you about that. There is a chance that they didn’t finish the process on-times. Sometimes it happens that company tell you a price in the beginning, but in the end, it changes it is when you not able to understand how it happens but you can’t do anything, and you will have to pay. Along with that, there are many other things too that disturb you. The only way you can get rid of this problem is when you hire man and van Shoreditch professionals after doing research.

So, at the time of taking it is better if you ask a few questions from the company. The questions are as followed:

Does the company have a license?

There are so many moving companies out there that are the reason it is hard to find the right company. Also, people don’t like to struggle so much in finding the right company, so they hire the one which they think is offering the best deal. But keep in mind, it is very risky. You may hire a company who just enter in this business and don’t know what it takes to move things properly.

So, while contacting any company, make sure that very first question you ask them about the license. It is because the license gives you a surety that the company is not fake. Moreover, if any time you have to complain about them to the authorities, you will not have to face trouble. The license also means that the company has experience. So, never forget to ask about it; it is something that will relax your mind.

Whether they have experienced in every type of move?

There is a time when you get in touch with a company, who are only know how to move the office properly and not have much experience in moving home or vice versa. It is much better if you pick a company who has experience in both. As there are times, in your home office is also present. Here so many important documents of yours are present, and you don’t want to lose any of them. The one who knows how to manage this department can give you surety that nothing will go wrong. So, while appointing a company ask about it from the company too.

What type of insurance company offer?

When you hire a company that is reliable, they offer you insurance too. But don’t get too happy after listening about it. Ask the company what type of insurance they are giving whether it is for everything or for some. There is a chance that later you find something broken and they say to you that it didn’t come under insurance. It is when things get out of your hand. So better confirm this from the company in the beginning.

Do they provide any references?

When the companies are in the business for a very long time, so there is no way that they don’t have references. It is something that allows you to talk with there previous clients. By talking with them, you get to know about the performance of the company as you don’t want to hire a company who made blunders in the past. If the company office is close to your house, you can ask about it from nearby people, or it is much better if you visit their office. It is something that will tell you quite a lot about the company.

At the time of finding a company, you can ask about the form the people close to you whether they know about any company or not. If they give you suggestions, then half of your problems end ASAP.

What is the cost of the process?

Never hire a company without taking price estimation. If you did this, then it is a big mistake from your side. The easy way to get an estimation is that tells the company what the service you want for them is. They will give you an estimation of the price accordingly once they give you an estimation to contact other companies. Tell them about the services you want and they will tell you the price. After that the price from the price that is told you by the company you pick. If the price is the same or close, then you are moving in the right direction.

Are the charges fixed?

Before moving on after knowing the price, never forget to ask one last question from the company, and that is whether the charges are fixed or not. As there are companies who demand more company in the end and you definitely don’t want to be in this situation.

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