How To Grow Your Beard Faster Naturally?

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Whether it is the general appearance of the beard or the speed at which it grows, genetics always plays a fairly important role. But when you let your beard grow, you should not rely solely on this family heritage: many external aspects come into play in the overall quality of this beard, such as lifestyle, or even daily habits, and can easily harm its growth.

To grow your beard faster naturally, you have to make the most of these genetics while respecting a certain number of principles. To get a more beautiful beard faster, here are some tips to follow.

Pay attention to your food-

Bring enough essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals:

Diet is probably what has the biggest impact on beard growth: for beard hair to grow, it eats essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals in the diet. If this diet does not contain enough or does not contain the right ones, the beard will tend to grow slower, and especially to grow less strongly (the hairs will be more brittle and less healthy). This is why it is necessary to eat enough fruits and vegetables per day, but also to drink lots of water: they easily provide most of the nutrients that the hair requires to grow fast.

Promote testosterone production:

Diet also plays a role in the production of hormones, and this production of hormones is closely linked to beard growth. This is particularly the case with testosterone: if it is well known, it is because it is already it which, in adolescence, grows the first beard or mustache hairs on the face. Once into adulthood, this testosterone continues to play a role in the growth of the beard. In fact, when its level in the body increases, certain sleeping hair follicles can wake up, enough to cause more hair to appear in the beard, which then reaches its full potential and which can become more substantial.

Avoid eating certain foods-

If the consumption of these different vitamins and proteins promotes the growth of the beard, it is also important not to provide the body with other elements that could harm this growth. This is particularly the case for estrogen, the hormone produced by the body of women, which naturally opposes testosterone (and cancel most of its effects on hair) and which is found in much more food than you might think. It is, hence, important to avoid as much as possible:

  • Products offered in plastic packaging

Whether in terms of daily food as beauty products or for the body, plastic packaging should be avoided as much as possible. In fact, during their degradation, they reject compounds containing synthetic estrogen in the product they contain.

  • Cereals and seeds

Of all the foods that make up a balanced diet, these are the ones that contain the most phytoestrogens. Although they are good sources of energy, they should not be consumed in excess. Among these seeds and cereals, it is flax which has the most of these phytoestrogens.

Take good lifestyle habits-

  • Take care of your face

The health of the face is important since it is obviously the ground on which the beard grows. To make it appear faster, there is above all an area that should not be overlooked: the pores of the skin. It is indeed in these pores of the skin that the hair follicles are located, and it is in these conduits that the hair grows. If the pores are blocked, closed, or even clogged, the hairs are unable to grow, or they turn into ingrown hairs. For a beautiful beard, it is therefore important to take care of it.

  • Clean it daily

In addition to the shower, the face must be washed independently every day, For cleaning you can use beard products preferably in the evening, in particular, to remove all the bacteria and impurities accumulated during the day (due to city life, pollution, etc.). They indeed form on the skin a small film invisible to the naked eye which prevents hair growth. For washing, the water must be warm or warm, since cold water tends to close the pores, which is not the goal here. If the use of soap is not advised, they are, however, in general, too abrasive for the skin of the face. Washing with clear water may, therefore, be sufficient.

  • Exfoliate it from time to time

To make sure that no pores in the skin are blocked, it is also possible to use an exfoliant from time to time. By effectively removing all dead skin that accumulates on the surface of the skin, it releases many pores that can then grow beard hair. Quite aggressive, the exfoliant should not be used more than once a week, and should always be followed by the application of a moisturizer, to nourish the epidermis. A moisturizer with eucalyptus is also a good solution since this plant helps the growth of facial hair.

  • Massage it regularly

In addition to cleaning, taking care of your face can also go through a facial massage with your hands: to be done regularly, every few days, it indeed improves blood circulation. And when the blood gets better in the face, it is the hairs that benefit since they benefit from a better supply of nutrients, and therefore more fuels to grow well.

Play sports-

If exercising regularly is good for the body, the body, and general health, it is just as good for beard growth. Physical exercises are indeed (and again) a good way to boost your testosterone level: the sudden and intense activity of the muscles sends a signal to the hypothalamus which then activates the production of this hormone to give to the body more energy. And one action leading to another, like testosterone, activates the hair follicles, so it also gives the beard a way to grow even better.

Moreover, the more the effort is sustained, the more the number of muscle inactivity, the more the production of testosterone is increased. 

Get enough sleep

Each person needs a different number of hours of sleep to feel completely rested. But generally, in practice, few people get enough sleep. If sleep is also important for the health of the beard, it is because firstly, when the body rests, it repairs itself (this is particularly the case for damaged facial skin cells, which once repaired allow hair growth) and second, lack of sleep affects testosterone production.

Maintain your beard properly-

Forget the shaving myth

It is a theory that is found everywhere, a legend that is even transmitted almost from father to son: to have a thicker beard and that grows faster, it would suffice to shave more often. Which is actually completely wrong! If it is true that shaving makes the hair appear larger, it is because it is just cut at an advanced stage of its growth, at a time when it is thicker. But shaving it regularly does not increase its lifespan nor its initial size or even its speed of growth: it always regrows in the same way. And for those who argue that an adult beard is very different from that of a teenager because it has been shaved many times, again the logic is wrong. It is on the side of hormones that we must turn: it is not in adolescence that men experience their peak testosterone production, but between 25 and 30 years. And it is therefore generally around this age that the beard begins to have a more adult appearance.

To be patient

It is important to add that even if all the advice presented here to grow your beard faster is followed, the beard can not appear magically after a single short week. It obviously grows slower than hair, and above all, it can never be as dense: even if the level of testosterone in the body is at its optimum level, the number of hair follicles present on the face remains limited, and it So in any case you have to do with what you have.

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