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Nightlife and coffee shops are the two things that come to our minds as soon as we imagine Amsterdam. But there are abundant interesting things rather than the stereotypical drugs and nudity. Although this city is known as one of the most permissive places on Earth, numerous beautiful things need to be explored and experienced. This city is blessed with its picturesque intricate canal, deep history, and thrumming cultural sites. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherland and is one of the world’s most vibrant cities. 

The top few ideas to rock the city:

There are several things to do in Amsterdam irrespective of any season of the year. This city also offers many rewarding activities that extend behind the well-trodden tourist routes of the city centre. We are here to guide you through the wealth of wonders by shaping down the selection. If one is lucky enough to visit Amsterdam, these places should never be missed by making the trip perfect!

Pub Crawl is cool

Amsterdam is famous as a party city and for a progressive cultural tolerance of parties and drugs. This city is filled with rock ‘n’ roll attitude and has a vibrant nightlife. There are several pubs crawls to enjoy the atmospheric nightlife and go wild. It is advised not to miss this opportunity to join a Pub Crawl and enjoy the unbeatable real nightlife. With the help of this Amsterdam tourist blog, one can be sure that this city deserves a must-visit. Getting drunk in these pubs or clubs is one of the cooler options to have a fun night out and, for sure, one of the unique things to do in Amsterdam.

Explore Street art:

Amsterdam possesses some of the world’s most beautiful and magnificent architecture. The wondrous buildings around the street need to be appreciated while passing by foot, bike, or boat. This is a creative city, and some street art hunting at the street Spuistraat and area are highly recommended. Graffiti is not the only thing; there is much more to it. Bike decorations, tiny public libraries, and other small items are some of the Fun activities in Amsterdam. The design of these ancient structures varies from the 13th-century to the more modern 21st-century styles. The intersection of ancient and modern has created this city enriched in elegance. The whole city is surrounded by the beauty and history of excellent design.

Glow miniGolf:

It is located in the heart of Amsterdam and this magnificent glow in the dark mini golf is just amazing. An evening in the Jungle world among the Gorilla, Pharaohs, Penguins, Polar bears and more is just mind-blowing. The magical blacklights give an exciting effect. Glowing in the dark miniature golf is fun for everyone and every purpose. This thrilling mini-golf course in Jordaan is very popular Jordaan with 3D effects. It offers to play mini-golf and blend it with a glass of lemonade, French fries, or a snack. 

Boat Cruise

This one is pretty obvious. Amsterdam is uniquely built with canals all around the city. Cruising and sailing through the famous Herengracht, Prinsengracht, and Keizersgracht canals are just perfect to know about local history. Several boat cruises allow us to choose according to our demands. It gives the option to choose day or night and entertains with epicure food, unlimited drinks, and free WiFi. It also allows renting a private boat to enjoy and relax over music while sailing. Seriously, this is one of the fun things to do in Amsterdam.

SWING over the edges

Europe’s highest swing called A’DAM LOOKOUT is located in northern Amsterdam. It gives the chance to all adventurers and thrill-seekers to swing 100 meters above the ground. It swings back and forward over the edge of the A’DAM tower and one can enjoy the view of this beautiful city while the adrenaline flows within the veins. This is one of the fun activities in Amsterdam that doesn’t require a big explanation. Swinging over the edge gives the best view of the overall Amsterdam. This swing allows people to enjoy a 360° sky deck. 

Red Light District journey:

People come from all over the world to experience Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The locals, the travellers make this area of Europe so diverse. The travellers can experience a great time and get access to a hidden world. It is highly recommended to visit this place and understand modern Amsterdam.

The beauty of Amsterdam is composed of breathtaking architecture, energetic culture, and modern technology. This city has a strong presence of healthy people driving a bicycle, sipping coffee on outdoor terraces, socializing with friends, and busy shopping at the many excellent boutiques. This beautiful city is home to some of the world’s most prestigious museums and galleries. Beautiful tourist spots in Amsterdam welcome all visitors alike. With Networks of canals, 90 islands, and more than 1,500 bridges Amsterdam becomes one of the unique cities. The European style is always on-trend and Amsterdam explores the various boutiques. 

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