A Guide to Spending 24 hours in Atlanta 2021

A Guide to Spending 24 hours in Atlanta

 So what can one do with just 24 hours in Atlanta? Well, one can do plenty of things, actually. Atlanta is not just Georgia’s most stunning city but also its spectacular capital. There are so many awesome places to visit and things to do in Atlanta that a mere 24 hours is not enough to cover them all. However, 24 hours in Atlanta can still be spent in the most amazing way if you manage the time well. You can cover a good number of attractions by utilizing the 24 hours effectively. Trust us, one day in Atlanta is all you really need! We’ll help you plan the perfect 24-hour itinerary so that you can enjoy the very best this city has to offer. Check out our guide to spending the best ever 24 hours in Atlanta!

How to spend 24 hours in Atlanta:

Unsurprisingly, Atlanta is among the best family vacation spots in the US. If you’re traveling with your loved ones, be assured that there are plenty of exciting things to do in just 24hrs in Atlanta. Foodies will be glad to know that there are several 24-hour restaurants Atlanta offers as well. In fact, even 12 hours in Atlanta are plenty for you to explore the food scene here. 

You can use our 24-hour Atlanta guide even if you’re making an unplanned trip on last minute flights. Let’s take a closer look at what your 24 hours in Atlanta could be like!

How to start your morning

Check-in, of course! Well, that being done, there are several amazing options you can consider exploring in the morning in Atlanta. For instance, if you happen to be a history buff, you should head over to the Martin Luther King Junior Historical Site right after breakfast. This is a good beginning to your 24, if not 36 hours in Atlanta. You will have the incredible chance to take a guided tour of not just the iconic leader’s birthplace but also the church he preached at. Also located on-site are the tombs of Dr. Martin Luther King and his wife. 

The tour of the historic site will barely take an hour and a half out of your 24 hours in Atlanta. Around 12:00 pm, you can walk around Atlantic Station to eat and shop a bit. The Yard House is a great place to have lunch at. Bartaco is another great option, especially if you happen to love tacos

What to do in the afternoon 

There are two ways to spend the afternoon in Atlanta, and they are both equally awesome. Check out which of these two options you’d like to spend your 24 hours in Atlanta afternoon doing – You can either catch a Cirque du Soleil show at the Atlantic Station, or you can shop around in Westside Provisions District.

Both of these are good options provided you do not waste your 24 hours in Atlanta. If you choose to shop, you need to be mindful not to loiter around too much. There are too many stores, and they will keep calling out to the shopaholic in you. Just make sure to be consciously aware of the time you spend here. But whatever you need to quickly and get out. Alternatively, if you choose to watch the show, you will need to spend just the exact amount of time needed for the show to end. If you are willing to spare that much time, this is a good option. 

Whatever you end up choosing, keep in mind that both of these are good ways to spend at least 3 hours in Atlanta! This is among the best US cities to book business class flights for a trip.

Where to go in the evening

Your evening in Atlanta can be as exciting or as calm as you wish it. The hours you allot out of your 24 hours in Atlanta toward the evening can be spent doing whatever you like. For instance, you could visit the Georgia Aquarium. This is an especially good idea if you’re traveling with kids. The famed aquarium is home to more than 500 species of marine life. The top attraction here is the whale shark, which draws locals and tourists alike in large numbers. There are other exciting exhibits and educative programs as well. 

You can wrap up the aquarium visit as quickly as you want and catch a music show at The Tabernacle. One of the coolest ever music venues in the US, it is always playing exciting live music. You can spend an hour out of your 24 hours in Atlanta here. We assure you, it will be time well spent.

How to wrap up at night

So how would you like to wrap up your 24 hours in Atlanta? You could retire early to your hotel and get some shut-eye since you will be traveling the next day. Else, you could while away an hour or two at some of the best nightspots Atlanta has to offer. If you’ve never been to an outdoor bar, you should definitely head to SkyLounge located on top of the spectacular Glenn Hotel. Not only can you enjoy a couple of drinks, but you can also do it while taking in sweeping views of the city beneath. There are other options as well, such as Sister Louisa’s and Nine Mile Station, among others. 

This is one of the best ways to spend 24 hours in Atlanta. You will be able to see some of the topmost attractions of Atlanta without worrying about there not being enough time. So the next time you book cheap tickets to the USA with Indian Eagle Travel agency, make it for a trip to Atlanta. Even if you have just one day in Atlanta, you can well enjoy the 24-hour entertainment Atlanta has to offer you! 

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